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Stop Blaming PrEP for the Rise in STIs -- the Picture Is More Complex Than That

"PrEP must not be cast as the lone villain in the syphilis crisis, nor MSM engaging in chemsex cast as debauched vectors of transmission."

By Oli Stevens and T Charles Witzel for The Conversation

Reported STDs in the United States, 2017: High Burden of STDs Threatens Millions of Americans

As STD prevention funding declines, the CDC is reporting a sharp increase in all STDs across the U.S. This fact sheet summarizes their findings.

By Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

New CDC Analysis Shows Steep and Sustained Increases in STDs in Recent Years

Nearly 2.3 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis were diagnosed in the United States in 2017, according to preliminary data released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at the National STD Prevention Conference...

By Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Together, the HIV and STD Community Must Fight Rising STD Rates

"We cannot end HIV without acknowledging an inconvenient truth: the HIV and STD epidemics are inextricably linked and without combatting both, we won't end HIV," writes National Coalition of STD Directors executive director David Harvey.

By David Harvey for National Minority AIDS Council

Fear That Parents Might Find Out Stops Some Kids From Getting Tested for STIs

Confidentiality issues are getting in the way for some young people who admitted that they avoid sexual health services out of fear that their parents will find out.

By Martha Kempner

Ask the Expert: What You Need to Know About STDs

What you need to know about preventing the spread of STDs, including HIV.

By Human Rights Campaign

With Trumpcare Cuts Predicted, Can At-Home STI Tests Help If Clinics Close?

With STI rates rising and resources for clinics drying up, more companies are offering simple at-home testing for a broader range of STIs. It's a good option, say experts, but also raises concerns.

By Martha Kempner

My Attitude Adjustment About Sex, Gonorrhea and Advocacy: A Blog Entry by Mark S. King

"Amidst the happy haze of good news about the efficacy of PrEP in preventing new HIV infections and the growing consensus that people living with HIV who are undetectable are not infectious, there is troubling news from the CDC in two new reports abo...

By Mark S. King for

The Low Cost of Universal Access

"Generic treatments for HIV, viral hepatitis, and cancer can be affordably -- and profitably -- mass-produced for broad, unobstructed availability," writes Tracy Swan in this interview with Andrew Hill.

By Tracy Swan, presented at HEP DART 2009 for Treatment Action Group

How to Have Sex in a New Epidemic of STIs

"I am a proud gay man, devoted to HIV treatment and a staunch advocate for sexual freedom and for PrEP," writes Dr. Grossman. "And I am beginning to get freaked out about the tidal wave of STIs I'm seeing in my practice."

By Howard Grossman, M.D.