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Two Years After My HPV Diagnosis, I’m Still Dealing With Anxiety

Sex educator and writer Gigi Engle purges her shame and guilt around her own HPV diagnosis.

By Gigi Engle
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In Mississippi, Efforts to Fight HIV Epidemic Clash With Health Care Disenfranchisement

Fighting Mississippi’s HIV epidemic is about more than just getting people living with HIV or at risk for HIV on a pill. It means confronting the reality that for many in the state, their primary care doctor is the emergency room.

By Tim Murphy
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Facing Chronic UTIs as a Black Woman Meant Confronting Generations of Bad Sexual Health Education

Urinary tract infections affect many women, but many black women are not given enough information about their bodies to battle them well.

By Khalisa Rae
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Talking About Sex and STIs With My Nigerian Parents

A young person confronts shame and silence to reclaim their sexuality, with or without their family's support.

By Nwaobiala
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Not Talking About Sex Between Queer Women Undermines Our Health

Can lesbians and other queer women advocate for their own health if they don't openly talk about their desires? James Factora urges their community to start being more open about their wants and needs.

By James Factora
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Despite How Common It Is, an HPV Diagnosis Still Carries Stigma

Almost everyone has had human papillomavirus (HPV) at some point in their life, but most of us still know very little about it.

By Konstantina Buhalis
I Am Img

I Am

Blogger and singer Sherri Lewis reflects on her past to note how life events have made her the woman she is today.

By Sherri Lewis
Monday Reflection: Herpes, AIDS and Shame ... A Blog Entry by Rae Lewis-Thornton Img

Monday Reflection: Herpes, AIDS and Shame ... A Blog Entry by Rae Lewis-Thornton

"Dealing with health issues is one thing; having to deal with them wrapped in shame is an entire other thing," Rae Lewis-Thornton writes. "But at the end of the day, none of this can be undone. Yes, I have these sexually transmitted diseases that hav...

By Rae Lewis-Thornton
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Profiles in Courage: George Burgess

Table of Contents

Personal Bio Disclosure and Relationships Drug Addiction and Recovery Activism Harm Reduction Health, Treatment and HIV

Personal Bio

Can you tell our readers and listeners about your personal history with HIV? How did...

By Sarah Warmus