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Stop Blaming PrEP for the Rise in STIs -- the Picture Is More Complex Than That

"PrEP must not be cast as the lone villain in the syphilis crisis, nor MSM engaging in chemsex cast as debauched vectors of transmission."

By Oli Stevens and T Charles Witzel for The Conversation

Hepatitis Cure, Sofosbuvir, Turns 5 Years Old: The Vast Majority of People Still Have Not Been Treated

"The mind-boggling profits that Gilead earned since the launch of sofosbuvir could treat every person currently waiting for the hepatitis C cure while earning over US$16 billion in profits for shareholders."

By Treatment Action Group

Chemsex and PrEP Reliance Are Fuelling a Rise in Syphilis Among Men Who Have Sex With Men

Syphilis is back and spreading quickly. What makes the resurgence of syphilis somewhat different this time is that the vast majority of these new cases are being found among men who have sex with men.

By Simon Bishop for The Conversation

Newborn Syphilis Cases More Than Double in Four Years, Reaching 20-Year High

Cases of congenital syphilis more than doubled in the U.S. since 2013, outpacing overall increases in STDs nationwide.

By Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

A Gay Sauna Strives to Wipe Out Hepatitis C

The NoMoreC campaign is sponsored in part by Sauna NZ, a gay bathhouse in Amsterdam. So it seemed only appropriate for Mark S. King to head over to the sauna for a little quality time.

By Mark S. King

Being in Prison May No Longer Be a Barrier to Receiving Treatment for Hepatitis C -- At Least If You're in Massachusetts

A federal judge has approved a settlement between Massachusetts state prisoners with hepatitis C and the Massachusetts Department of Correction that overhauls protocol for identifying, assessing, and treating people with hepatitis C.

By Victoria Law

Hepatitis C Exposure Is a Crime in Some States; Is This the New HIV Criminalization?

As the opioid crisis has spiked hepatitis C rates, are police departments now using laws written to criminalize HIV for another public health crisis?

By Sony Salzman

How to Turn Back the Threat of HCV Among African Americans

Although African Americans are making gains in the fight against HIV, they are not doing nearly as well when it comes to hepatitis C.

By Tamara E. Holmes for The Black AIDS Institute

Folks With HIV Need HPV Screenings -- And Now There's a Study for That

It's crucial that HIV-positive folks get screened regularly for HPV-related cancers. But a new study explores whether treatment is always necessary -- and it wants you!

By Tim Murphy