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Being in Prison May No Longer Be a Barrier to Receiving Treatment for Hepatitis C -- At Least If You're in Massachusetts

A federal judge has approved a settlement between Massachusetts state prisoners with hepatitis C and the Massachusetts Department of Correction that overhauls protocol for identifying, assessing, and treating people with hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C Is Common in Prisons, but Treatment Is Rare Img

Hepatitis C Is Common in Prisons, but Treatment Is Rare

Despite the high price tag of curative treatments, public health leaders stress that treating people behind bars is more effective and less costly than trying to remedy the damage to affected individuals and communities later on, Victoria Law reports...

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Oregon: Class-Action Lawsuit by Inmates Demands Treatment for Hepatitis C

Oregon inmates allege in a pending class-action lawsuit that treatment for hepatitis C is so woefully inadequate in the state's 12-prison, 11,800-inmate system that it violates the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment. Prisoners say hea...

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New Jersey: Former Inmate Sues Over Lack of Hepatitis C Care

Claiming that New Jersey prisoners were not treated for hepatitis C because of the costs, a former inmate filed suit against the state Department of Corrections and its health care supplier for alleged medical malpractice. The lawsuit, which also cla...

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Finally, New Jersey Informs All Inmates of Hepatitis C

In a mass notification prompted by a Philadelphia Inquirer investigation, New Jersey prison officials informed 421 inmates they had hepatitis C. The notification took place in the last two weeks of July, a medical audit shows. More than 1,100 prisone...

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Pennsylvania: Prisoner Unlocks Hepatitis C Epidemic

In 1992 at a state prison infirmary in Pittsburgh, inmate Rob Lassen learned he did not have HIV. But it took four years before Lassen, who was convicted of assault, was told he had tested positive for hepatitis C. The physician who revealed the diag...

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Positive Empowerment

My name is Beverly. I am co-infected (HIV/hepatitis C), bisexual, African American, 52 years young and last of all, I'm in prison until 2009. My message is for every woman who is incarcerated and having a tough time living with the enemy (HIV/AIDS)...