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Non-HIV Sexually Transmitted Infections

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

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Canada: Cervical Cancer Survivor Urges Young Girls to Get HPV Shot

Canada's concerted effort to vaccinate girls against human papillomavirus (HPV) reached two-thirds of Edmonton's Grade 5 girls last year, a figure that health officials are striving to exceed.

The four virus strains addressed by the vaccine are esti...

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United Kingdom: HPV Jab Girls Are "Sex Cautious"

Young Manchester girls who received the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine said the shots made them more aware about the risks of sex, according to a new survey. The findings might serve as a rebuttal to critics who believe HPV vaccination would make...

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HPV (Human Papillomavirus)

What is HPV?

HPV (human papillomavirus) is a sexually transmitted virus. It is passed on through genital contact (such as vaginal and anal sex). It is also passed on by skin-to-skin contact. At least 50% of people who have had sex will have HPV at s...

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Rare Anal Cancer in National Spotlight

A recent TV special and other media coverage of actress Farrah Fawcett's battle with anal cancer have placed the rare disease in the national spotlight.

Many cases of anal cancer are linked to certain types of the STD human papillomavirus, the cause...

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Australia: Genital Wart Infections Plunge Following Vaccine Rollout

Cases of genital warts at a large Australian health clinic have plunged in the 12 months since the introduction of the Gardasil vaccine. The three-shot series protects against human papillomavirus (HPV) strains that cause 90 percent of genital warts ...

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What About the Partners of Women With Abnormal Pap or Positive HPV Tests?

In detailing the background of the current study, the authors observed: "Because high-risk HPV [human papillomavirus] is highly prevalent in the general population, usually transient, and rarely causes clinical symptoms, and because diagnostic and ...

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Oral Sex Virus Boosts Tonsil Cancer Rates in Sweden

Since the 1970s, the number of tonsil cancer diagnoses in Sweden has tripled, and many are the result of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection spread through oral sex, say researchers. The cancer has typically been associated with smoking and heavy dr...

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Oral Cancer in Men Associated With HPV

Two new reports shed additional light on the link between human papillomavirus and oral cancers. HPV can enter the mouth during oral sex, and an earlier study estimated that 38 percent of oral squamous-cell cancers were HPV-associated. But in a bit o...

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The Failed HIV Vaccine, the HPV Vaccine Hullabaloo and the Future of HIV Prevention

Note that the STEP Study data analyzed here come from a public meeting that took place November 7, 2007 under the auspices of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The presentation slides are viewable at ww...

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Human Papillomavirus and Women: The Basics

Genital Warts Cervical Dysplasia Diagnosis and Screening Treating HPV HPV Treatment Chart Pregnancy Treating Cervical Dysplasia

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a common sexually transmitted virus that causes abnormal growth of tissue on ...