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HIV: The Experience Is Your Own, But You're Not Alone in the Room

"I want people to understand that living with HIV is not an obstacle," says Armando Ramirez-Guzman, who has been living with HIV since 2003. "You can live life, go out and have fun, and enjoy a movie date."

By Rick Guasco for Positively Aware

'POZ ROZ' Wants 'Pozitive' Vibes With New Digital Comedy

This refreshing series following an African-American millennial woman living with HIV avoids the sappy or sentimental.

By George Kevin Jordan

New HIV Diagnoses Are on the Decline in the U.S.

Overall new HIV diagnoses in the U.S. have gone down from 2010 to 2014, but we still have a long way to go to reach the 2020 National HIV/AIDS Strategy target.

By Richard Wolitski, Ph.D. for

From Needing Help to Helping Those Newly Diagnosed With HIV

"It took me years to realize that I was going to get through this and not be ashamed of my HIV status," says Duran. But when he found his voice, that's when others who needed his help started reaching out.

By David Durán

Looking Forward to the Next 22! A Blog Entry by Lynda Arnold

"What is there to discuss when you are 23 and you think your life is over?" Blogger Lynda Arnold recalls the day she was diagnosed HIV positive, 22 years ago -- and the loved ones who supported her then and are still by her side.

By Lynda Arnold

Crossing the HIV Threshold

When it comes to crossing thresholds, whether physical or psychological, everything changes and there is no turning back, especially on one's HIV journey.

By Murray Jose-Boerbridge for Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

HIV Status Disclosure and Ripping the Band-Aid Off Quickly

Disclosure is always a tricky ocean to navigate: When to do it? Is it necessary? What if you're not asked? David Duran shares his thoughts and a true life story.

By David Durán

Your HIV Isn't Just About You

Sure, you can get pretty insular and selfish right after a diagnosis -- heck, it's expected. But, sometimes, thinking about how a diagnosis affects those around you is important as well.

By David Durán

On the New Age Movement, From NYC: A Blog Entry by Ben B.

"The fact that mainstream medical science was completely unprepared for the AIDS epidemic meant that the afflicted had to resort to their own means to survive. Meaning, outside of standard medical science."

By Ben B.

Currently, My Biggest Fear: A Blog Entry by Ben B.

"What if I got infected years and years, if not decades, ago? What if it had just been hiding out in my body since then, undetected? What if I unknowingly infected others?"

By Ben B.