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HIV: The Experience Is Your Own, But You're Not Alone in the Room

"I want people to understand that living with HIV is not an obstacle," says Armando Ramirez-Guzman, who has been living with HIV since 2003. "You can live life, go out and have fun, and enjoy a movie date."

By Rick Guasco for Positively Aware

Newly Diagnosed With HIV, I've Got Challenges and a Lot of Blessings in Store for the New Year

After being diagnosed with HIV in April 2018, Toraje Heyward realized that there was much work to do.

By Toraje Heyward

Newly Diagnosed With HIV: Memo to Me

We asked people living with HIV: If you could give advice to your newly diagnosed self, what would you say?

'One Little Prick of the Finger Determined My Life'

While Hataria James is in an incredibly stable place in her life right now, 16 years ago she would have never imagined where she is at today.

By Raven Feagins for AIDS Foundation of Chicago

More Than a Call

Angela Jordan and her team take over 700 calls a year from people looking to connect to HIV-related services. "While it is my job, there's a meaning behind it for me," says Angela.

By Raven Feagins for AIDS Foundation of Chicago

What HIV Means to Me! Havoc Into Victory

"The nurse walked in and said, 'Ms.Thomas, I'm not going to beat around the bush. Your HIV test came back positive,'" Wanona Thomas writes. "In that moment, my heart dropped in my stomach. I felt numb all over. Her words were final."

By Wanona Thomas for HIVE

Behind Prison Doors

"Being isolated is the worst thing that a newly diagnosed HIV positive person can ever have happen to them," Tamala Johnson writes. "I was living my worst nightmare while wide awake."

By Tamala Johnson for HIVE

How I Began a Long and Intimate Relationship -- With a Leading HIV Specialist

"Being a long-term HIV survivor, I also have a long-term relationship with my doctor, Judith Currier, M.D." Sherri Lewis writes. "It's not just a visit here and there. You might even say it is an intimate relationship."

By Sherri Lewis

Muscles From Brussels: Peter Positive Has Turned His HIV Status Into a Positive Lifestyle

Peter, a business owner living with HIV in Brussels, Belgium, has taken his HIV status and turned it into a life philosophy of healthy living and positive energy.

By Charles Sanchez

Life After Diagnosis

"Through sharing my story, I want to reduce the stigma in our lives and show others that there is truly life after HIV diagnosis," Nakeisa Brown writes.

By Nakeisa Brown for HIVE