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What It’s Like Living With HIV While Having to Deliver Positive Results to Others

Being both employee and client ain’t easy. But you’ve got this.

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How to Deal With the Anxiety of Going From Hospital to Home

Health worker and public health student Joel Zive, Pharm.D., writes about how listening to the people in your life and seeking mental health care can help you adjust after a hospital stay.

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In My Feelings: 16 Years Since My AIDS Diagnosis

Living with HIV for the past 16 years and being over the age of 50, Charles Sanchez is showing signs of aging, but no sign of slowing down.

Simple Health and Wellness Strategies With HIV Img

Simple Health and Wellness Strategies With HIV

"Finding the time each day for some self-reflection or meditation is really all we need and can be incredibly helpful," writes HIV advocate David Duran.

A Beginner's Mind: A Blog Entry by Philip D. Img

A Beginner's Mind: A Blog Entry by Philip D.

"I don't think I've ever attempted something that sounded so simple but, in practice, required such a true level of commitment," writes Philip D. He's trying out a meditation technique called "mindfulness" as a way to combat the depression he's lived...

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Eliciting the Relaxation Response

"The ideal is to develop a routine, a time to bring forth the relaxation response that becomes as much a part of the day as brushing your teeth." BHI Staff, The Wellness Book, 1992

Elicitation of the relaxation response is actually quite easy. There...

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The Relaxation Response

"How can we deal with our feelings of stress? ... modify our behavior by regularly invoking the relaxation response ... it may have an important place in your life." Herbert Benson, MD, The Relaxation Response, 1975

More InfoEliciting the Relaxation...

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Eight Characteristics of Long-Term Survivors of HIV/AIDS: A Blog Entry by Terri Wilder, M.S.W.

Hey everybody. At the beginning of June I volunteered for THRIVE! -- a one-day educational and empowerment workshop in Atlanta for people living with HIV. I love doing this workshop and think that it is a valuable guide for people on living a long li...

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Backgrounder: Meditation for Health Purposes

Introduction Key Points What Meditation Is Meditation for Health Purposes Examples of Meditation Looking at How Meditation May Work Side Effects and Risks NCCAM-Supported Research References For More Information



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Backgrounder: Mind-Body Medicine -- An Overview

Introduction Definition of Scope of Field Background Mind-Body Interventions and Disease Outcomes Mind-Body Influences on Immunity Meditation and Imaging Physiology of Expectancy (Placebo Response) Stress and Wound Healing Surgical ...