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I Was Blocked From the AIDS Memorial Instagram Account for Asking About Diversity

One man's online memorial is "a potentially beautiful project," Giuliani Alvarenga writes. However, "[t]he problem? His project lacks diversity."

By Giuliani Alvarenga

I Wrote 'The Truth About the 7,000.' Now What?

Mark S. King's essay in POZ Magazine has struck a nerve, with massive views and shares on social media. So, how do we create "spaces where people can be candid about their own treatment challenges and look for solutions?"

By Mark S. King for

'The Truth About the 7,000': A Response (and Some Lingering Questions)

"Do we talk enough about those who continue to suffer and die?" Peter McLoyd writes. "With all that we know today, why are there still 7,000 HIV-related deaths each year?"

By Peter McLoyd for AIDS Foundation of Chicago

A Latino AIDS Memorial Stands, but Gentrification Displaces the Community

"Unfortunately, due to the current housing crisis in East Los Angeles, people are being displaced, leaving the memorial increasingly without the community it was built to commemorate," Giuliani Alvarenga writes.

By Giuliani Alvarenga

On a Deadline to Stay Alive: A Tribute to Pioneering HIV/AIDS Journalists

A moving event in New York City honored journalists and other writers who lost their lives to HIV/AIDS but left behind powerful archives.

By Jennifer Johnson Avril

'Love in the Room': Making a Personal or Virtual Visit to the AIDS Memorial Quilt

"This is our nation's national monument. It's a global expression of uniting people in a cause, united through love. It tells the stories of how people were loved."

By Kevin L. Tarver

A Second Chance at Death: A Blog Entry by Mark S. King

"I have learned important lessons about the intimacies of dying that I can use when I eventually face my own mortality," Mark S. King writes.

By Mark S. King for

Who Loves Us When We Are Messy? A Blog Entry by Abdul-Aliy A Muhammad

"Today has been hard," says Abdul-Aliy A Muhammad, after the loss of a friend. "It is hard to love someone who's vulnerability piques yours and whose struggle reminds you of just how fragile we all are."

By Abdul-Aliy A Muhammad

Yours in the Struggle

"If you did AIDS work in the '80s or early '90s, you know the one. It's the call where they say you need to come to the hospital/hospice/home quickly because your friend was about to pass," Paul Kawata writes. "When I got the call for Michael Hirsch,...

By Paul Kawata for National Minority AIDS Council

I Am Not OK

"I go to the New York City AIDS Memorial and break down in a public park," Paul Kawata writes. "There is no crying in public parks. There is no crying in public. We have to talk about what happened. My silence feels almost like my guilt. My guilt i...

By Paul Kawata for National Minority AIDS Council