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Managing HIV Drug Resistance

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Does mutated virus become "unfit"

I've been diagnosed with AIDS for over 25 years so have been on all the med classes and am resistant to all of them. I've been on a 5 drug cocktail for several years. My viral load has never gotten to undectable but it was in the 200=300 range. With ...

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Reyataz and Stribild

Hello, I was diagnosed with HIV in April, started treatment with Atripla in May, found I was resistant to Atripla in June and started Stribild and Reyataz combo regimen along with Bactrim. Is this a safe mix? While I trust my doctor, I am worried tha...

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Concomitant use of Atazanavir Sulfate and Etravirine

I started taking Intelence(200mg)twice a day and Viread(300mg)once a day and 12 hrs later Reyataz(300mg) with a norvir(100mg) kicker around November of 2008, prescribed to me by a very capable doctor in charge of clinical trials in N. California. I s...

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On vacation and didn't pack enough meds

Dear Dr. Young, I've gotten myself into a predicament. I live in Florida and am in Las Vegas on vacation. My regimen is Epzicom, Norvir and Reyataz. I've been undetectable for three years, haven't missed any doses until now andmy last CD4 count was 1...

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stribild miss dose for the first time and food?

My question is. I think I might miss a dose of stribild for the first time. I been on it about 4 to 5,months. I never have missed a dose. I started stribild on February 21 2014 with a viral load of 1,000,000 around there had 43 Of cd4 cells. Last lab...

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Night Sweats

I have been HIV+ for 32 years. During this time I have been healthy by taking HIV meds. Recently my Hep C virus has become highly active (according to a bloodtest) so I tried to cut down on my meds. to protect my liver. For the past few months I have...

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Dear Nelson, I appreciate you very very much for your so many great helps in Ibalizumab .Last time you mentioned that ¡I will write a report in 3 months since it will take us a lot of discussions to shift this paradigm ¡.Do you mean after you submit ...

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Do you know how long the ibalizumab can be approved to be leagl drug? Then the AIDS patients with MDR can get stable ibalizumab supply to keep their life?

Antiretroviral Therapy in 2014: How Does a Doctor Choose? Img

Antiretroviral Therapy in 2014: How Does a Doctor Choose?

Today, there are more treatment options than ever before for a person newly diagnosed with HIV. How does a doctor choose?

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Truvada Resistance

Hey Dr.Young! I'm currently on PreP and adhere perfectly. I just have a hypothetical question of resistance that is probably relevant to other PrePs out there: if I became infected while on PreP, unlikely as it is, what would the resistance look like...