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Managing HIV Drug Resistance

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HIV Viral Load: Is 20 the New 50? (Editor's Pick)

HI Dr. Holodniy, I glad I found out about this website, and I'm truly glad that your here with your expertise to answer some of my questions. I was diagnosed with HIV in Oct/04, and started my medical regiment with Triumeq in early Dec/14. My CD4 co...

Two New HIV Studies Give Access to Research Medications to People With Multi-Drug Resistance: A Blog Entry by Nelson Vergel Img

Two New HIV Studies Give Access to Research Medications to People With Multi-Drug Resistance: A Blog Entry by Nelson Vergel

A vulnerable and often forgotten minority of people with HIV struggle with multi-drug resistant HIV (MDR-HIV) while waiting for ARVs that would finally control their viral replication. Fortunately, clinical trials will now provide access to two new d...

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Triumeq and Integrase Resistance (Editor's Pick)

can triumeq be used when there is resistance to raltegravir and eviltegravir by dosing the dolutegravir BID? On the other hand, if resistance develops to dolutegravir (even though it hasn't been seen so far), can we go back and use the integrase inhi...

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Is HIV Drug Resistance Inevitable? (Editor's Pick)

Dear Dr. Young, If a treatment-naive patient has a perfect adherence to treatment and is started on one of the current 5 US recommended regimens today, how likely is it that he will develop drug resistance in the long run, lets say 25-30 years down t...

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What's So Bad About a Little HIV Treatment Break? (Editor's Pick)

Dr Young, I keep reading that Drug Holiday's are dangerous. I understand that there are reasons why a person would or would not want to take a drug holiday but my question is more specifically on the danger. Is the danger because the virus could come...

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Atripla Missed doses/ aggresive strain of virus?

Hi Dr. Young, I recently missed a dose of Atripla then was late by several hours after changing timezones the next. I estimate 57 hours in between doses. I have read a lot of your helpful answers on this topic, however my question relates to the fact...

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HIV Drug Resistance Warning Signs (Editor's Pick)

hi! I missed a dose of truvada last night when I took my reyataz and norvir... How will this effect me? Also, how would I be able to know if my virus has become resistant to my drugs? I am experiencing thrush again and am concerned that this means my...

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Importance of viral load and genotype resistance testing at the start of treatment

Hello, I am writing on behalf of a friend who has recently been diagnosed with HIV because he needs help writing in English. My friend has begun treatment with a doctor in Bangkok, Thailand. The doctor's specialty is Allergies and Immunology, and he ...

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hiv resistance

hello doctor, iam a practising physician in india. I have a 55 yr old female hiv patient, she has been on ART since 7 years now but irregular treatment, her present medication is - ZDV + 3TC + NVP. she presented with h/o chronic diarrhoea, weight los...

PrEP and Drug Resistance: Cause for Concern? Img

PrEP and Drug Resistance: Cause for Concern?

More people are getting on PrEP every day, but some are concerned about drug resistance. Should they be?