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Managing HIV Drug Resistance

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Trouble getting to undetectable - follow up

I'm glad you don't think its a resistance issue. Before starting treatment, I just had the standard genotype, it did not include testing for integrase inhibitor resistance... however, considering the profound results going from 650,000 VL to 25 VL af...

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Could I be taking to many classes of meds?

After failing first class of meds in the late 90s I have kept a non-detectable V load, but recently my doctor despite me having years of perfect blood work added descovy which is a class I once was resistant to. I'm presently taking Prezcobix, Isentr...

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If I accidentally took an extra dose of stribild. Is it going to mess up my tolerance for the med?

I accidentally took 2 stribild pills and I am worried that it will affect my tolerance for it.? Is it? I'm scared!!

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Resistance Testing

Dr. Holodiny: Some facts first and then a few questions. 1. I have been positive for 12 years but (for complicated and stupid reasons) am just about to start meds. The regimen I've been prescribed is Isentress plus Truvada (Zepdon plus Tenvir-EM in ...

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i cannot affor one thousand a month for triumeq...i will have to take a pill every other day,,even then this medicine will cost five hundred a month..i am now undetectable,,i am 67 i am hoping this amount will keep viral load undetectable what do you...

Ibalizumab: First Long-Acting HIV Treatment Available Now Via Expanded Access Img

Ibalizumab: First Long-Acting HIV Treatment Available Now Via Expanded Access

Ibalizumab, a drug that works against multi-drug-resistant HIV, is now available via the manufacturer's expanded access program.

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Hi there doc, I wanted to ask a question and would really appreciate a reply I had sexual intercourse with someone and the condom had broken... She was a sex worker... I went to the clinic next day and started pep 19 hours after high risk exposure. T...

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Drug resistant hiv strain, Tribuss and PEP

Dear Doctor How effective is tribuss used as pep against drug resistant hiv strains?

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Drug Resistence

Dear Mr Young, I take Prezista/Norvir/Kivexa. If I stop it for 1 month can I become resistence or not ? How mutch time is need to become drug resistence to this meds ?

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Switching meds

I have been taking Didanosine! Nevirapine and Epzicom for man years with good success (undetectable viral load, decent T cells). I am considering switching to Genvoya I order to simplify pill regimen and affordability (copayment on 1 med vs 3). Thoug...