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Managing HIV Drug Resistance

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Is it ok to take Valtrex and stribild?

Is it ok to take stribild and Valtrex ? Im a lil nervous

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I have 598 CD4 and 897 CV no adherent no treatment, is this a resistence signal, My doctor suspend to me teh ARVS

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Taking Genvoya every other day.

I live outside the US and cant afford genvoya monthly. How dangerous scientifically speaking would it be to tak Genvoya every other day. I have to pay cash and It is very expensive. Thankyou Saki

Drug Resistance Img

Drug Resistance

Key PointsAs HIV multiplies in the body, the virus sometimes mutates (changes form) and produces variations of itself. Variations of HIV that develop while a person is taking HIV medicines can lead to drug-resistant strains of HIV.With drug resistanc...

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Prolonged treatment interruption

Hi Dr, I know this is a controversial question to answer but I need help. I have been off meds for 10 days and more likely to be so until 31 January '18. In my three years since diagnosis I have been fully adherent to my treatment. My last lab resul...

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Am I failing?

Hi Dr. Holodniy: I've been + for 22 yrs. Since 1996 I've NEVER been detectable ... until now. Before 2010, my health group tested to <72. Since then <48. I switched from Tivicay/Truvada to Tiv/Descovy in Aug 2016. Before switching, VL Always: < 48...

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Missed a dose of Genvoya

Ive been recently diagnosed and have taken my medication everyday as required for the past three months and just missed a dose. Wont get my next dosage until I pick up my meds tomorrow am. Will I be at risk for resistance to the meds?

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Hello Doc. I'm taking Genvoya for almost 2 years, I haven't had any problems so far, by the way, about 3 month since I started with it I became undetectable. Now my question is, some times I do not take the medicine at the same time every day (but ne...

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Brazil switching everyone from Kaletra to Darunavir - Can I keep my existing NRTI + NNRTI (4th combo - 15 years success)

Hello Dr. Young - Thanks for your great work on this forum! I'm 55yo male, 21 years HAART, on 4th combo, 15+ years VL ud, CD4 600-800. Latest labs all normal - liver (TGO, TGP), lipids (HDL, LDL, TG), urea. (Maybe due to "paleo" diet?) I'm in Brazil...

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Run out of TRIUMEQ

I had to travel abroad and didn't take enough TRIUMEQ Tabs with me. My viral load was already undetectable (I started my therapy as soon as i discovered my HIV-Infection). Now i'm already on the fifth (5th) week without taking my Tabs and i've been f...