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Managing HIV Drug Resistance

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How Antiviral Drugs Have Evolved, From Herpes to HIV to COVID-19, in 40 Years

Michael Broder explores the decades-long journey from experimental treatments for herpes to COVID-19, with HIV along the way.

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Whatever Happened to HIV Superinfection?

Superinfection—when someone living with HIV is infected with a second strain of the virus—is a scary prospect. But is it a concern in the era of modern HIV treatment?

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Is Your HIV Viral Load Normal?

An expert HIV doctor explains viral load testing, what "undetectable" and "unquantifiable" really mean, and how to make sense of your latest numbers.

Q&A: Ask the Experts

Proviral DNA(RTI,PI,Int Inhib) Not Performed

Recently, my doctor ordered this resistance test. When the results came back, it stated that the test could not be performed, probably because sufficient DNA could not be collected. A repeat test was performed and the same non-results came back. I ha...

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Taking Genvoya every other day.

I live outside the US and cant afford genvoya monthly. How dangerous scientifically speaking would it be to tak Genvoya every other day. I have to pay cash and It is very expensive. Thankyou Saki

Q&A: Ask the Experts

Missed a dose of Genvoya

Ive been recently diagnosed and have taken my medication everyday as required for the past three months and just missed a dose. Wont get my next dosage until I pick up my meds tomorrow am. Will I be at risk for resistance to the meds?

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Run out of TRIUMEQ

I had to travel abroad and didn't take enough TRIUMEQ Tabs with me. My viral load was already undetectable (I started my therapy as soon as i discovered my HIV-Infection). Now i'm already on the fifth (5th) week without taking my Tabs and i've been f...

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If I accidentally took an extra dose of stribild. Is it going to mess up my tolerance for the med?

I accidentally took 2 stribild pills and I am worried that it will affect my tolerance for it.? Is it? I'm scared!!

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Drug resistant hiv strain, Tribuss and PEP

Dear Doctor How effective is tribuss used as pep against drug resistant hiv strains?

Q&A: Ask the Experts

Urgent: Please help: I took viread 300 mg twice in one day by mistake

Hi I am hepatitis b patient. I have been taking Viread 300 mg each day for last one year. on Dec 20th by mistake I took two Viread by mistake. First at 7 pm and 2nd at 8 pm. I am really worried, I called pharmacist they said there should not be any s...