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Amanda Lugg and Jay W. Walker

For Black New Yorkers, HIV Progress Is Challenged by Housing Costs and Trump Anti-Immigrant Policies

Despite the Big Apple’s HIV rates falling for everyone, Black New Yorkers still are the most vulnerable.

Dr. Charlene Flash and Steve Stellenwerf

Houston Is Larger Than Many States. Tackling the HIV Epidemic Here Is an Even Bigger Challenge.

Harris County, home to the city of Houston, is one of the most racially diverse counties in the U.S. With little transportation and a lot of HIV stigma, the area is lucky to have Legacy Community Health.

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Into Anal? Find Planning Meals Around Sex a Hassle? Here's How to Get Ready in 15 Minutes.

There are ways to prep for bottoming that don't require starving yourself in advance or stocking up on anti-diarrhea meds.

Close up of two seniors holding hands

My Friend Is Living With HIV. How Can I Help Them Stay Healthy?

Q: A friend of mine told me he had HIV. Is there anything I need to do, like when he comes to my home, so that he doesn't get sick?

<em>Turn It Up!</em> Editors and Advisory Board

Loved Ones in Prison? Get Them Copies of This Amazing Prison Health Magazine

Turn It Up!: Staying Strong Inside is the Sero Project's publication for (and partly written by) people in prison.

Healthy Living With HIV

Healthy Living With HIV

Can HIV or HIV treatment affect diet and nutrition? Why is exercise important? What does smoking do to a person with HIV? Answers from CDC.

water, dumbell and apple

With Nutrition and Exercise, Harm Reduction Practices Help Me Live Well With HIV

Living well with HIV is more than just taking a pill a day. George M. Johnson explains how he uses "harm reduction" to analyze what he's doing and taking steps towards a better life, particularly with food and exercise.

Sugar, Sex and Substances: Why It's Hard to Make Changes Img

Sugar, Sex and Substances: Why It's Hard to Make Changes

"A lot of us want to stop, reduce or change how we use a substance in our lives," writes Joanna Eveland, M.D. "But it can be hard. We've evolved, as a species with bodies that are particularly attuned to rewards and incentives."

chili on ice cube

Calming the Flames: How Diet Can Help Cool Chronic Inflammation

"An anti-inflammatory diet should reduce chronic inflammation and the risk of illnesses associated with it, such as diabetes, heart disease and possibly some cancers -- problems that are more likely to crop up as we age," writes Pamela Fergusson.

Can People With HIV Eat Sushi? Your HIV and Diet Questions Answered Img

Can People With HIV Eat Sushi? Your HIV and Diet Questions Answered

Eating the right kinds of food and maintaining a balanced diet are key to maintaining overall health. For people with HIV, the association between nutrition and health is even more pronounced.