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Doctor in white gloves putting bandaid on young man's arm after giving vaccine

Hepatitis A, Preventable by a Vaccine, Is Spreading Among Gay, Bi and Trans People

Few people know that hepatitis A could be spread through a host of sexual acts -- and that it is on the rise among queer and trans people.

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My hbv viral load test result is <3.8IU/ML?

My hbv viral load test result is <3.8IU/ML? What should i do no? Is there any serious or worry?

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Liver levels 800-900 dangerous

Liver levels 800-900 dangerous?

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Hepatitis b

Dear Sir/Madam, Recently I got hbv DNA quantitative pcr test and the result is not detected ..let me know what it means.

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Hbv viral load

Hi doctors I have a Hbv viral load 9440 iu/ml so how to convert to copies /ml. They use cabas Hbv standard. Regards

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What does high levels of hep b core lgm anti bodies hep c virus ab amc active mean

High levels of hep b core lgm antibodies hep c virus ab amc active mean

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7.6410Iu/ml convert into copies

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Sir please convert 9600 iu/ml to copies /ml hbv dna

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Hepatisis b

My test result show my IUml is 574 does it mean I have acute hepatisis B?

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hbv dna

please tell me about viral load of hbv dna ... how many it is? 16.810 powr 5iu/ml ...before this test hbv dna was just 44800 iu/ml .. now plz tell me last test was high or before it.