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Fighting Stigma, and Other Things My Ancestors Taught Me

"When the next stigmatizing comments or policies come, we must meet them with a resounding unified resistance and counter them with a vision for a better tomorrow," Marie-Fatima Hyacinthe writes.

By Marie-Fatima Hyacinthe for The Black AIDS Institute

How a Fellow Wrestler and Gay Athlete, Imprisoned for HIV, Opened My Eyes to HIV Stigma

"I want to talk about loving another human who happens to be living with HIV and how he has transformed my world from the day he was placed behind bars," Akil Patterson writes.

By Akil Patterson

Facts and Feelings as Michael Johnson Serves 30-Year HIV Criminalization Sentence

Kevin Tarver is committed to helping however he can to bring justice to Michael Johnson, a young black gay man serving a long HIV criminalization sentence. He summarizes the background and current status of Johnson's situation and appeal.

By Kevin L. Tarver

Not Leaving Anyone Out: Tackling HIV Criminalization as a Racial Justice and Public Health Priority

"We have to see HIV criminalization as similar to the bullet coming out of a police officer's gun," says Darnell Moore of "You have to talk about dismantling white supremacy," adds Deon Haywood of Women With a Vision.

By Victoria Law

Feminists Should Recognize That HIV Criminalization Harms Women

Victoria Law says the effect of punitive HIV laws on women have often been left out of discussions about HIV criminalization (which often focus on men) and feminism (which often ignore women who are marginalized). But what about women like Tiffany Mo...

By Victoria Law

Views on the Trial and Conviction of Michael Johnson, a Black Life That Matters

The HIV criminalization case of Missouri college student Michael Johnson is a call to rethink everything we thought we knew about the HIV epidemic, about the justice system and about the lives caught in the intersection of those two spheres. We offer...

Is Queer Sex Legal? How Homophobia Is Fueling Today's Sex Laws

"As evidenced by the continual arrests of gay men and queer people for non-violent and victimless sex crimes, the sex offenders of today are not the phantasmic predators of our collective imaginations."

By Andrew Extein and David Booth for The Center for Sexual Justice

HIV Criminalization: Another Way to Lock Up Young Black Men

How does criminalization disproportionately affect young black gay men in the South?

By Robert Suttle for HIV Prevention Justice Alliance

We Grieve for Elisha and Fight to End Violence Against Women With HIV

Positive Women's Network - USA (PWN-USA), a national membership body of women living with HIV, is shocked and horrified to learn of media reports that a young woman in Texas was brutally murdered, allegedly as a result of her HIV status.

According t...

By Positive Women's Network of the United States of America (PWN-USA)

Women Speak Out Against HIV Criminalization at Advocacy Conference

Women with HIV can often be held captive in abusive relationships they are legally powerless to escape, said advocate Monique Moree at the HIV Is Not a Crime Conference. "It keeps women in a violent cycle," she said.

By Mathew Rodriguez