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In Tijuana, Caravan Migrants Met With Xenophobia and HIV Discrimination but Find Support

As the U.S. government shutdown carries on for nearly a month over border wall funding, many migrants caught in Tijuana amid discrimination get support from a steadfast HIV organization.

By Giuliani Alvarenga

Repealing TPS for Queer, Trans, and HIV-Positive Folks: A Life Underground vs. Death Threats

The Trump Administration is ending the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program for Haitian and El Salvadoran immigrants, which could endanger the lives of LGBTQ immigrants living with HIV.

By Kaleb Oliver Dornheim

As Obama Directive on LGBT Discrimination Nears, Top HIV/AIDS Employment Advocate Expresses Cautious Hope

The head of the National Working Positive Coalition hails the White House's announcement, but says more is needed to level the economic field for LGBT people who are living with HIV -- as well as those who are at risk.

By JD Davids

After the Entry Ban, Why Danger Persists for Immigrants Living With HIV in the U.S.

Five years after the "HIV entry ban" was lifted in the U.S., what has changed for HIV-positive immigrants?

By Olivia G. Ford

On LGBTQ Youth, Condoms and Police Stops

What does "stop and frisk" have to do with HIV prevention? Mitchyll Mora of New York City's Streetwise and Safe elaborates.

By Olivia G. Ford

A Bloody May for Gay Men in New York City

May 2013 was one of the worst months for attacks on gay males in New York City, based on sexual orientation, in decades. In no fewer than 11 attacks, individuals and couples found themselves on the receiving end of a barrage of verbal attacks which c...

By Diego Wesley Iglesia