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Jada Cardona 'Vive tu Vida!' sign
Defensoría y Política de VIH

Si la Consigna Silencio = Muerte es Verdad, Dónde Está la Voz Resistencia de la Comunidad VIH, Luchando Junto a Inmigrantes en Esta Guerra Desigual Iniciada por el Gobierno de Estados Unidos?

Hacemos un llamado a la redistribución de servicios, a detonar voz y poder político en apoyo de los inmigrantes, quienes dia a dia son el blanco de políticas públicas llenas de odio y una narrativa inhumana, peligrosa, que amenaza la vida misma.

Jada Cardona 'Vive tu Vida!' sign

If Silence=Death, Where Is the HIV Community's Voice Resisting the War Against Immigrants in the United States?

A call to marshal our full resources, voice and political power in support of immigrants targeted by hateful policies and dangerous, dehumanizing rhetoric.

A man takes out of his jeans pocket a package of drugs

Crystal Meth Use Among Young Latinx Gay Men in Southern California Is Rising, According to Community Advocates

Although much of the national focus has been on opioid use among whites, meth addiction remains a problem in the LGBT community, and black and Latinx LGBT people are reporting growing meth use.

Latinx gay men holding hands

Rates of HIV Are Rising Among Latinx Gay Men in the U.S. Are Anti-Immigration Policies to Blame?

As anti-immigration sentiments and policies in the U.S. have certainly increased in recent years, is this having an impact on Latinx gay and bisexual men's vulnerability to HIV?

Michael Young and Carlos Bringas-Rodriguez
Personal Stories

The U.S. Has Allowed Back an HIV-Positive Mexican Immigrant Who Was Wrongly Deported. But Why Did This Happen at All?

Carlos Bringas-Rodriguez was detained in Kansas on Dec. 20 and, days later, all but dumped at the Mexican border with a limited supply of HIV meds and his cell phone.

Puerto Rico National Guard Soldiers supply HIMA San Pablo Hospital in Bayamon with diesel
Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, HIV Service Providers Fight Back Against Man-Made and Natural Disasters

"Systemic failures to provide health care to the people of Puerto Rico are not born out of any natural disaster, but a man-made one," HIV advocate Drew Gibson argues.

Latino AIDS Memorial
Personal Stories

A Latino AIDS Memorial Stands, but Gentrification Displaces the Community

"Unfortunately, due to the current housing crisis in East Los Angeles, people are being displaced, leaving the memorial increasingly without the community it was built to commemorate," Giuliani Alvarenga writes.

Born This Way Img
Personal Stories

Born This Way

HIV-positive since birth, Nestor Rogel navigates stigma in a gay, HIV-positive world.

HIV Leaders of Color Announce Their Declaration of Liberation Img

HIV Leaders of Color Announce Their Declaration of Liberation

The framework to build a racially just and strategic HIV movement addresses root causes of the epidemic and lights a new way forward.

Breaking Her Silence: An Interview With HIV Activist Maria Mejia Img
Personal Stories

Breaking Her Silence: An Interview With HIV Activist Maria Mejia

Although Maria Mejia kept her HIV diagnosis a secret from almost everyone for nearly 20 years, she has since become a tireless advocate for people living with HIV.