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Kidney Issues and HIV

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High Potassium Levels

Hi Doc, Two days ago i had my monthly bloods taken to measure VL and CD4 count. Today i received a call from my health care worker asking me to return on monday to have more blood taken as one of the tests revealed elevated potassium levels (5.9). I'...

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elevated protein in HIV urine test

Elevated proteins in HIV urine tests indicates what?

Q&A: Ask the Experts

Bun/Creatine ratio and hep c

I have hep c and My Bun/creatine ratio has been low around 8.5 with a urea nitrogen of 6. I am confused about what this may indicate as my fibrosis is only stage 2 or was 6 mo. ago. My kidney function seems fine with blood and urine tests. I just ha...