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eGFR follow up/update

Hi, I just asked about low GFR of 48. I noticed in another post that BUN and Creatinine are also important to Kidney function, so here are those numbers Creatinine, Serum: 1.55 H mg/dL which is high and BUN: 21 mg/dL. Also BUN/Creatinine Ratio of 14...

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Elevated creatinine 1.6

I seroconverted in August 2008, started meds in December 2009 with CD4 count at 418 and vl at 45,000. I'm taking Isentress/Truvada. My labs in May, and most recently in August, both showed an elevated creatinine level of 1.6. My doctor has never me...

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just got my labs

could you me help me understand this my %cd4pos.lymph came back at 16.5 and was marked low,my RBC was3.58 low,hemoglobin was 11.0 low,eGFR was 49 low,CREATININE SERUM HIGH 1.16,CALCIUM 8.4 LOW, exactly what does this mean?i was on kaletra an reyatayz...

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Blood work for Atripla, Diabetes, and High Blood Pressure

I am currently taking ATRIPLA, and I have diabetes and high blood pressure. What tests should I have done to monitor my kidneys, and how often?

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The Kidneys

In the first 15 years of the AIDS pandemic, the medical focus was on preventing and treating life-threatening infections that were commonly seen in AIDS. In the present era, at least in high-income countries, combination therapy for HIV -- called hig...

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Drugs and the Kidneys

As the kidneys help to filter wastes (including drugs) from the blood, the tiny filtering units, each of which is called a glomerulus, get exposed to high concentrations of drugs as part of the filtering process. As a result, the glomerulus is vulner...

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HIV and the Kidneys -- A Look Over Time

To get an idea of what effect HIV infection has on the kidneys, researchers in the United States and European Union have been conducting studies. One American study is called FRAM -- Fat Redistribution and Metabolic change in HIV infection. Researche...

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The Kidneys and Hepatitis C in Women

Historically, most studies in HIV research and treatment have been done using male volunteers. As a result, the precise impact of HIV and many HIV medicines on the health of HIV positive women may not be clear or may take a long time to uncover. In a...

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HIV and the Kidneys: Why It Matters

Knowledge of your kidney function and kidney health is important for both HIV-infected and non-HIV-infected persons. It has been known for approximately 20 years that HIV may result in kidney failure.1 Given that the specific types of kidney diseases...

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Understanding urinalysis report-what are casts?

I have my son's urinalysis report and for "casts it reads 3-4 granular and says casts per low power field occas hyaline cast per LPF cylindroids present. What does this mean? Our dr refered us to a urologist. But I am worried about maybe the kidneys?...