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HIV and Kidney Disease

Why Should People With HIV Care About Kidney Disease? What Is Normal Kidney Function? How Do I Know if There Are Problems With My Kidneys? What Are The Risk Factors For Kidney Disease? HIV Medications and the Kidneys Dialysis and Kidney T...

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Poz for 11 years. Noticed my creatinine levels have been below normal, on the last few labs. I know high levels are concerning. I've read lower levels are usually nothing to worry about. In fact, many sites say it means you have good kidneys. However...

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Fluctuating eGFR - what's going on?

Dear Doc, In your clinical experience is it normal for one's eGFR to fluctuate widely from one quarterly test to another? I am a white male 43 years. My eGFR was always >100 prior to HIV diagnosis. Commenced ATRIPLA meds within 6 mths of infection-(V...

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Huge increase in urine Microalbumin levels

Hi Mark. I'm a 70 yr old. Positive for 10 yrs. Have been on Atripla since August, 2007 (4 3/4 yrs). VL undetectible. CD4 usually 700 although 1,006 a month ago. During the past 2 years my normalized, urine Microalbumin levels were constant between 40...

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Ask the Experts About Kidney Health and HIV

Alireza Zahirieh, M.D.

Nephrologist, HIV Renal Disease Clinic Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Toronto

The prevention and treatment of kidney disease go hand in hand. A healthy lifestyle is essential for both. That means regular exercise, eati...

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Kidneys Take Center Stage

Back in the early 2000s I faced some kidney problems, so, in my usual determined way, I set out to learn more about the kidneys and what I could do to protect them. I wrote about that experience in "Here's Lookin' at You, Kidneys" in the Fall/Winter ...

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Foamy Urine

35 year-old, white male here, poz for 10 years. I've noticed that I often have foamy/bubbly urine, especially when I haven't drank enough water. When I've googled it, many things come up about being a sign of protein in the urine. However, they also ...

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TDF - creatinine and urine protein

Hi Doc, thank you in advance for responding to my questions. Data below is to give you some background to assist you in your response. 43 years and HIV positive for 8 months. Very good diet and exercise routine. No other health issues and in excellen...

Ask the Doctor: What Is HIV-Associated Nephropathy, and How Can I Avoid It? Img

Ask the Doctor: What Is HIV-Associated Nephropathy, and How Can I Avoid It?

Nephropathy, or kidney disease, is a potential health problem caused by HIV. It's more common among African Americans than Caucasians -- in fact, HIV-related nephropathy is the third-leading cause of kidney disease among African Americans. Theresa Ma...

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previous Question,very worried about my result

hello Dr Mark here is the attachment from the prevoius post (very worried about my result) hello Dr,thanks for been her for us,may you remain bless,anyway my last result 24/11/2010 shows cd4 333 vl <40 cd4% 19% .today i receive my new lab result toda...