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Kidney Issues and HIV

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First Kidney Transplant From Donor Living With HIV Challenges Longstanding Stigma Img

First Kidney Transplant From Donor Living With HIV Challenges Longstanding Stigma

"Society perceives me and people like me as people who bring death," said Nina Martinez, the first HIV-positive organ donor. "And I can't figure out any better way to show that people like me can bring life."

HIV and Kidney Disease Img

HIV and Kidney Disease

HIV infection can damage the kidneys and lead to kidney disease. Learn about symptoms, treatment, and how you can reduce your risk of kidney disease.

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Creatinine clearence?

Hi. I'm just wondering about my creatinine clearance on atripla 6months. Creatinine 1.13) normal range 0.72 to 1.18 Creatinine clearence 60ml. Should I consider switching from the tenofovir to something else? I'm on omeprazole so my options here in B...

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I started meds 10 months ago with Tivicay and Truvada. For several years, my eGFR was 97-110. And it was at the level this summer. In September I switched to Descovy. I had my first labs on the new med done about a month later. My eGFR was 84. The ...

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Renal Function and HIV

Hello Doctor: I first found out I was HIV+ in Jan '97 through yearly, anonymous testing. My doctor at the time put me on meds in May '97 and I've been undetectable ever since and my t-cell % is in the low 40's (number varies from 600s-1000). Abut 4 y...

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All Systems GO: Three Organ Systems Affected by Aging, Medications and HIV

This brief overview looks at diseases in three organ systems with an overlap between aging and HIV that are most commonly of concern to older people with HIV.

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Kidney toxicity

Hi ...i have been positive for 7 years...started Atripla right away with excellent results. 5 years into my therapy, and after routine blood work, my doc suggested that we switch from the tenofovir as my GFR was getting lower and lower. The lowest it...

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Creatinine Levels

I'm a 62 year old male who has been positive for 9 years. I'm in good health, T-cells 1200. All of my other labs are in the good range. However, I can't seem to get my creatinine level down to the normal range. My last labs had my level at 1.42. My...

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Creatine 1.7 and increasing

In January of 2014 my creatine level increased to 1.32 and HIV regimine that I had been on since diagnosis in 2007 of Truvada, Reyataz and Norvir was changed to Reyataz, Norvir & Epzicom. Creatine levels have slowly increased and again my medications...

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Kidney issues

I went for my routine blood work in October 2014 and found that my GFR was at 70. My doc ordered an ultrasound to see if there were any other issues..all came back ok. In Nov GFR was at 60 and late dec down to 46. We switched my meds from atripla t...