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Sperm is very light greenish, is it a sign of HIV?

I have just noticed. My sperm is no more white. But very light greenish! It used to be brownish. Is it because I didn't have sex after years? Or is it sickness? 3 years ago I had Toxoplasma. Causing my right part of the body to resemble stroke. What ...

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Erection Problems

Nelson, I've been poz for about 10 years, on Atripla and undetectable for about 5. I'm doing great mostly. Awhile back I started having some blood pressure issues & tachycardia so they put me on Metoprolol every day 50 mg twice a day. I've been on t...

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does truvada make a mans breasts sore such tht they produce sam fluid wen u pres them?and hw cn i stop ths

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Sexual Difficulties

Figuring Out the Cause

It will be helpful if you can provide your doctor with information on when your sexual difficulties began, exactly what your problems are, and to what extent you are experiencing them. It may be helpful to ask yourself how you...

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Erectile Dysfunction (Truvada/Isentress)

Hi, I'm a 33yo male who has been living with HIV for roughly 13 years. In 2010, at the urging of my doctor, I switched drug regimens from Trizivir (which I had been on since testing positive) to Truvada/Isentress. A year later, I found myself with pr...

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What Is DHEA? What Are the Benefits of DHEA? Why Do People With HIV Use DHEA? How Is DHEA Used? What Are the Side Effects? How Does DHEA Interact With Other Therapies? How Do We Know It Works? The Bottom Line

What Is DHEA?


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Nothing works to alleviate my fatigue

Hi, Dr. F, I was diagnosed in 1991, began HAART in 97, no OI's. Dx'd with sleep apnea, on CPAP machine 3 years, had throat surgery 2008 removing tonsils, uvula, other stuff in there (horrrrrrible recovery), still sleepy, fatigued, developing restless...

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Poz man, Neg woman, we choose unprotected sex

What are our odds of my transmitting HIV to my girlfriend? Vaginal and oral sex only and I ejaculate inside her. I am undetectable, and have been for many years, but I cant seem to get my CD4 up over 350. While we both agree to this, I am still a bi...

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Hello. Recently the topic of Morning wood came up in a conversation with a friend. I came to realize that I could not remember the last time I woke up with a tent in the sheets. It seemed to have gradually faded away so that I didn't notice. I have b...

The Hard Facts on Erectile Dysfunction: Pills, Pumps and Prosthetics -- A Video Blog Entry by Mark S. King Img

The Hard Facts on Erectile Dysfunction: Pills, Pumps and Prosthetics -- A Video Blog Entry by Mark S. King

"You're about to get a big education on erections. Well, on the lack thereof, to be precise." In his latest video blog, Mark S. King gets in bed with fitness and nutrition guru Nelson Vergel, and the two go full frontal on a sensitive topic: the caus...