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Sperm is very light greenish, is it a sign of HIV?

I have just noticed. My sperm is no more white. But very light greenish! It used to be brownish. Is it because I didn't have sex after years? Or is it sickness? 3 years ago I had Toxoplasma. Causing my right part of the body to resemble stroke. What ...

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Erectile Dysfunction (Truvada/Isentress)

Hi, I'm a 33yo male who has been living with HIV for roughly 13 years. In 2010, at the urging of my doctor, I switched drug regimens from Trizivir (which I had been on since testing positive) to Truvada/Isentress. A year later, I found myself with pr...

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What Is DHEA?


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ED med and HIV med interaction (USE OF ED DRUGS WHILE ON ANTIRETROVIRALS, 2010)

I'm currently on Viramune and Truvada and I've been having problems getting an erection. My doctor prescribed cialis 10mg but it does not seem to work that well. If I take 20mg it works fine. Is there an interaction between my HIV meds and ED meds? C...

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Testosterone vs Tribulus on Atripla?

I have been having on & off low testosterone levels (and the resultant fatigue, tendency to feeling depressed & the like), but not consistently low enough to qualify for testosterone supplementation under the govt drug programs here (Australia). I ha...

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Androgel Scrotum Administration

Why is Dr. Frascino a condescending jerk? Does he think his curt, derisive, and unhelpful answer is cute? Since Frascino's answer contradicts Dr. Keith Henry on the same subject, where at least Dr. Henry conveys some sense of dignity, why don't you c...

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Erectile disfunction - Golden Root Complex works fine

Hello Doctor I am a 47 years old male from Italy in treatment with Viramune and Truvada with good levels/health. The only problem seem to be a not sufficient erection. I spoke to my doctor and he agreed to try viagra, 25 mg. At same time I have been ...

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efavirenz and sperm count

does efavirenz have any effect on sperm count?

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fordyce spots v herpes

I am 43, HIV+ and have little yellow raised spots on my penis and lips that don't change in size with time but I am confused as to whether they are herpes or fordyce spots (found this on the internet). I am on Atripla. what's the difference between t...

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3 years of anemia, and no sex drive to boot

Dr. Bob, My partner has been fighting anemia for some time (3 years). His doctor has prescribed Procrit on several occasions, however, the insurance company will only approve the prescription if his labs show the hemoglobin to be at, or below a certa...