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AIDS Practice Issues Today

Paul Bellman, M.D., and his associate, Ricky Hsu, M.D., are in private practice in Manhattan. We asked Dr. Bellman about drug toxicity, treatment interruption, and other major issues he is seeing today in HIV/AIDS clinical care.

AIDS Treatment News:...

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Treatment Models From India

Shashank R. Joshi, M.D., president of the HOPE Foundation in Mumbai, India, is an HIV specialist in a public hospital system with more than 36,000 patients with HIV; in addition, he follows over 500 HIV patients in his private practice, and more than...

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HAART and Medical Management: The Realities of Clinic Care

At the recent Retroviruses conference (January 30 - February 2 in San Francisco), Dr. Keith Henry told us about his upcoming article, "The Case for More Cautious, Patient-Focused Antiretroviral Therapy," which was published in the February 15 Annals ...

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Adherence and Double Therapies: An Interview With Charles Farthing, M.D.

"I do not believe that the first regimen should be designed to be salvaged. I know that a great number of AIDS physicians support this, but once the first regimen has failed, a patient's chance of doing better on the second regimen is not increased."...