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A genderqueer person sitting on a therapist's couch, listening

What the Trans Community Needs to Know About New Expert Recommendations

Use these guidelines proposed by a pair of expert physicians in the U.S. to advocate for your health care.

Marching with the Equality Flag in Atlanta 2011

In Georgia's Metropolitan Heart, HIV Beats On

Our new "Eyes on the End" series kicks off with an up-close-and-personal glimpse at what's driving the HIV epidemic in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Gynecological chair in doctor's office

Newest Abortion Restrictions May Affect HIV Screening and Care

Creating stigma for abortions may have a chilling effect on those seeking any sexual health care.

Can We Afford to Cure HIV? Img

Can We Afford to Cure HIV?

What would you be willing to pay for a cure for HIV? We bring you five fresh perspectives, from science to the streets.

Opportunistic Infections 101: An Update

What's an opportunistic infection? It's a disease that preys on people with weak immune systems. That's what makes it an opportunist. Fortunately, people with HIV who are taking therapy can go a long time before they suffer the immune damage that ...

The Real Cost of Development

The pharmaceutical industry just doesn't get it. Here we are on the cusp of a revolution in medicine, with genomic insights likely to yield a generation of medicinal products safer and more effective than any before; with burgeoning markets, record p...