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Atlanta, Georgia from above

After a Month Without My Meds, I Still Had to Face Atlanta's HIV Bureaucracy

Without HIV medication for over a month, Mason finally gets an appointment -- a four-hour ritual of bureaucratic paperwork that's only the beginning of getting linked to care in Atlanta.

Marching with the Equality Flag in Atlanta 2011

In Georgia's Metropolitan Heart, HIV Beats On

Our new "Eyes on the End" series kicks off with an up-close-and-personal glimpse at what's driving the HIV epidemic in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Data Breach sign

California's Former ADAP Contractor Faces Lawsuit for an HIV Privacy Breach

The confidential medical records of at least 93 low-income Californians living with HIV were compromised, the suit alleges.

Access to Treatment: A Blog Entry by Maria T. Mejia Img

Access to Treatment: A Blog Entry by Maria T. Mejia

"As a Latino woman living in Miami, I have seen people who have many problems adhering to their treatment ... because of lack of insurance or the stigma of having HIV. They would rather not even be seen in the clinic because of fear that someone will...

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Good News for ADAP Recipients in Illinois

New rules will make it easier for low-income HIV patients to receive needed medications through the Illinois AIDS Drug Assistance Program. Changes advocated by AIDS Foundation of Chicago and AIDS Legal Council of Chicago should ease the cumbersome pa...