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In Georgia's Metropolitan Heart, HIV Beats On

Our new "Eyes on the End" series kicks off with an up-close-and-personal glimpse at what's driving the HIV epidemic in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

By Tim Murphy

HIV Rapid Testing & Treatment Must Be a Priority at Fulton County Jail

Georgia HIV activist Shyronn Jones decries a recent statement from the Fulton County Sheriff's Office that it had stopped rapid HIV testing for inmates because the practice was "antiquated."

By Shyronn Jones

In North Carolina, an HIV Criminalization Reform Bill Passed, but People Who Aren't 'Undetectable' Remain at Risk

North Carolina's unique journey to HIV criminalization reform might serve as a roadmap for other advocates hoping to modernize their own state's laws. But it hasn't been without controversy.

By Sony Salzman

A Moment of Outrage With a Silver Lining

Betty Price's comments about HIV spark backlash while her committee quietly issues a well-reasoned critique of Georgia's HIV criminal laws.

By Catherine Hanssens, Esq. for The Center for HIV Law and Policy

Injection Drug Use-Related HIV Infections Skyrocket in Northern Kentucky, Underscoring Immediate Need for Syringe Access Programs

All signs point toward what could be a major HIV outbreak like that seen in rural Indiana in 2014. This time, will local officials act before it spirals out of control?

By Drew Gibson

Why the U.S. South Still Has Such High HIV Rates

The number of new HIV-positive cases in the U.S. has sharply declined in most parts of the country. Nonurban areas, particularly in the South, are showing sharp increases. Why?

By Thurka Sangaramoorthy and Joseph B. Richardson for The Conversation

Georgia's Fight to Modernize HIV Criminalization Laws

This month, advocates helped those who are passionate about reforming Georgia's outdated HIV criminalization laws by hosting an HIV Criminalization Advocacy Training.

By Shyronn Jones for Positive Women's Network of the United States of America (PWN-USA)

Investigation of Humana's Discriminatory HIV Drug Pricing Ends With a Fine and a Promise -- But Practice Continues With HCV Meds

Florida's insurance commissioner will impose a $500,000 fine on Humana following an investigation into allegations that the health insurance company price gouged prescription drugs for people living with HIV.

By Althea Fung

Four U.S. Health Insurers Accused of Discriminating Against People With HIV

This article was reported by New York Times.

The New York Times reported that the AIDS Institute and the National Health Law Program filed a complaint this week with the US Department of Health and Human Services' Office for Civil Rights against fou...

By CDC National Prevention Information Network

Stepping Up to HIV Stigma in the U.S. South

Monica Johnson has faced down every form of stigma in her small Deep South town, from being asked to leave town to having her son denied entry into a school. Thankfully, the word "No" fuels her.

By Olivia G. Ford