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Queer Liberation and cops

Did NYC’s Pride Organizers and Its Queer Cops Group Ever Really Discuss the Cops Marching Without Uniforms and Guns?

The issue has cracked the city’s main Pride organizing group down the middle—but it’s unclear who’s not budging on what could be a key compromise.

By Tim Murphy
Justin Davis, also known as “JD Blackstone.”

Black Queer Sex Workers Need a Seat at the HIV Advocacy Table: A Conversation With JD Blackstone

Sex workers are not monolithic—and it is vital that their expertise be centered in HIV efforts that target the sex worker community.

By Michael Chancley Jr., M.S.W.
tim jackson

Illinois Poised to Become Second U.S. State to Decriminalize HIV Non-Disclosure Before Sex

It's 2021, and three quarters of U.S. states still have some form of HIV non-disclosure criminalization law on the books. But that number is about to drop by one.

By Tim Murphy
Rachel Levine, M.D., U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health

“I Understand How Important This Is”: Rachel Levine, M.D., on the Early Days of HIV and Being an Advocate for LGBTQ Youth

The U.S.'s new Assistant Secretary for Health reflects on 40 (official) years of AIDS and the long legacy of HIV and LGBTQ advocacy.

By Terri Wilder, M.S.W.
Naomi Osaka

Serving Self-Advocacy, Just Like Naomi Osaka

As with dealing with mental health, there is no singular way to solve one’s HIV needs. Naomi Osaka reminds us to seek out the help that best serves your situation.

By Juan Michael Porter II
Donja R. Love

Respectful Communication Can Save HIV-Positive Lives

If medical providers want to ensure adherence and linkage to care for people living with HIV, they will need to check their humanity.

By Juan Michael Porter II
Black patient

Can Long-Acting ART Be an Equitable Care Option for Black Women?

For Black women, before we can start conversations about switching to Cabenuva, we need to address issues around access, stigma, and cultural competence.

By Dali Adekunle
police at Pride

Jonathan Capehart Is in the Sunken Place. Yes, the Police Should Be Banned From Pride

Queer activists say the recent ban on uniformed police officers marching in NYC’s Pride parade is justified and goes a long way to ensure the safety of LGBTQ community members.

By Juan Michael Porter II

Dancing Towards the Dream of Asian Representation

Phil Chan and Georgina Pazcoguin, founders of Final Bow For Yellowface, created the initiative to eliminate offensive stereotypes of Asians in ballet.

By Juan Michael Porter II
Billy Porter

Why It Still Matters When Celebrities Disclose Their HIV Status

Their courage places HIV in mainstream headlines (in a good way), changes the public perception of HIV, and helps in our efforts to force the U.S. government to take action.

By Charles Sanchez