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Loved Ones in Prison? Get Them Copies of This Amazing Prison Health Magazine

Turn It Up!: Staying Strong Inside is the Sero Project's publication for (and partly written by) people in prison.

By Tim Murphy

New Campaign Seeks to Shift Opioid Conversation to One About Mass Incarceration, Health Care, and Racial Justice

"No Health = No Justice" moves to address the system as the problem, rather than people who use drugs.

By Kenyon Farrow

HIV Rapid Testing & Treatment Must Be a Priority at Fulton County Jail

Georgia HIV activist Shyronn Jones decries a recent statement from the Fulton County Sheriff's Office that it had stopped rapid HIV testing for inmates because the practice was "antiquated."

By Shyronn Jones

Exhibit in New York Unearths 1990s Activism by HIV-Positive Women in Prison

"Women are dying in here, and we need some advocacy and support," AIDS activist Joann Walker wrote from prison decades ago. 'Metanoia' features Walker, her contemporaries, and currently active women of color AIDS advocates.

By Tim Murphy

Living With HIV and Taking Care of Your Health in Prison

"Living around more than 100 men who aren't all particular with their hygiene habits, I am solely responsible to take care of myself the best way I can," Tim Hinkhouse writes.

By Tim Hinkhouse

He Said, She Said -- and What the Law Says

A doctor who works with people with HIV who are incarcerated looks at two cases.

By Chad Zawitz, M.D. for Positively Aware

Support for My Clemency Application, Update of Oregon HIV Criminalization Laws: A Blog Entry by Tim Hinkhouse

In Oregon, CAP is working to limit the ability of prosecutors to use HIV status to enhance the severity of sentencing.

By Tim Hinkhouse

Will the Federal FIRST STEP Act Help People With HIV Convictions?

The FIRST STEP Act has been touted as a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill that may allow hundreds of people in federal prisons an earlier release date, including those criminalized for HIV-related crimes at the federal level.

By Victoria Law

Ignorance About HIV Is Not an Excuse to Be Disrespectful

Tim Hinkhouse discusses his life with HIV in prison, and the need to constantly educate his fellow prisoners and prison staff about the realities of his status.

By Tim Hinkhouse

Through Blogging, HIV-Positive People Can Have a Platform to Be Heard and Understood

"We still need people who have the passion to create avenues so our HIV-affected friends and families can hear our voices on a large scale," Tim Hinkhouse writes.

By Tim Hinkhouse