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Thailand: Agencies to Launch HIV-Testing Program "at the Workplace"

This article was reported by the The Nation (Bangkok).

The Nation recently reported that, in an effort to reduce HIV infections in Bangkok, the International Labour Organisation, UNAIDS, and the Thailand Business Coalition on AIDS launched a volunta...

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UNDP-Led HIV/AIDS Education Program for Thai Police

About 10,000 Thai police officers a year will be educated about HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination. The training will be given to junior police officers who have passed their examination, after which they will be appointed non-commissioned officers. ...

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Thailand: Sex, Drugs, Stigma Put Transsexuals at HIV Risk

HIV infection rates among Thailand's estimated 180,000 transgenders are thought to be on the rise as prostitution, drug use and a lack of targeted health care services take their toll on one of the country's most marginalized groups.

No official fig...

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Thailand: Survey Shows Many Youngsters Not Practicing Safe Sex

A recent survey of 1,014 young people in Bangkok indicates 31 percent have been sexually active. Of the 12- to 24-year-olds polled, some boys reported having had their first sexual experience at age 12, while the youngest for girls was 13. Just 53.2 ...

Run for It! A Blog Entry From Volunteer Positive Img

Run for It! A Blog Entry From Volunteer Positive

OK, take a deep breath. It's around 6 in the morning and it's hot. It doesn't feel like wintertime, but there are constant reminders with all the Christmas decorations still dotting the landscape around Chiang Mai (It's waaaaay past New Years'). I ru...

Night Ticket: A Blog Entry From Volunteer Positive Img

Night Ticket: A Blog Entry From Volunteer Positive

Wait! I ask a friend as we make our way to the San Francisco airport. What's the word for "fish paste" in Thai? I had been trying to learn a few Thai phrases before I left, but with only three months notice, I didn't learn much Thai. Now I'm obsessed...

Volunteer Positive's First Group of HIV-Positive Volunteers en Route to Thailand Img

Volunteer Positive's First Group of HIV-Positive Volunteers en Route to Thailand

"Ten international volunteers will make history this January 2012, as they become the inaugural team of people living with HIV to serve openly as international volunteers," reports Volunteer Positive, which is organizing the effort.

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Thailand: Online Campaign to Curb HIV/AIDS

Stemming the spread of HIV among Thai men who have sex with men is the goal of a new web-based "edutainment" campaign. MSM comprise about 100,000 of the 500,000 to 600,000 Thais living with HIV/AIDS, said Praphan Phanuphak, director of the Thai Red C...

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Human Rights NGOs to Thai Government: Do Not Repeat History!

Ministry of Interior plans to forcibly detain and treat Thai drug users are "dangerous and extremely disheartening given recent progress made in the country on injecting drug use and HIV," according to human rights non-governmental organizations. The...

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Thailand: New Web Site Gives Advice on Sex

Sex education is going digital in Thailand with the launch of a Web site targeting teenagers and their parents.

The site,, offers sex information in everyday language as well as an interactive portal for questions and a...