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Philippines: Ilocos Sur Town Draws Up Campaign Against HIV/AIDS

This article was reported by the Philippine Information Agency.

The Philippine Information Agency reported that Ilocos Sur Town, a province in northern Philippines, has launched an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign to curb the spread of the disease. The c...

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Philippine Department of Health Warns Puerto Galera Tourists on HIV Spread

This article was reported by Solar News.

Solar News reported that the Philippines' Department of Health (DOH) issued an alert on April 24 to tourists visiting the town of Puerto Galera to abstain from having unprotected sex with individuals there, a...

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384 New HIV/AIDS Cases in November Brings 2013 Tally to Almost 5,000: Philippine Department of Health

This article was reported by InterAksyon.

InterAksyon recently reported that the Philippine Department of Health's HIV and AIDS Registry released November 2013's new HIV case count, which was 35 percent higher than November 2012's number and also br...

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The Philippines: House OKs Revised HIV, AIDS Program Law

The Philippine House of Representatives has approved a bill to strengthen the country's comprehensive policy on HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care. The House Bill 6751, also known as the Revised Philippine HIV and AIDS Policy and Program Act of...

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Philippines Experiencing Increasing Number of New HIV Cases; Leaders Say Country Should Reconsider Policies

"At a time when many countries are seeing their HIV infection rates level off or decline," health officials in the Philippines "have seen an unexpected surge in cases in the past several years, with a more than five-fold increase between 2007 and 201...

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Philippines: Text, Internet Addicts at Risk of Getting HIV

Many young Filipinos use the Internet to arrange sexual encounters, a practice that could also fuel the spread of HIV, according to an AIDS Society of the Philippines (ASP) study presented Oct. 21 at the society's general science meeting in Quezon Ci...

Be the Change: A Solidarity Speech Img

Be the Change: A Solidarity Speech

The Philippines is one of the seven countries worldwide that is experiencing an alarming rise in HIV. The situation is made worse by the fact that the government is nowhere to be seen when it comes to investing in prevention, care, treatment and supp...

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Condoms One Way Philippines Can Stop AIDS, Says UN

The Philippines needs a refocused political commitment to curbing new HIV infections, the UNAIDS country coordinator said recently. If Filipino leaders do not muster the courage and take clear stands on issues such as promoting condoms to help preven...

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Parliament Blocks Philippines Condom Funding

On Monday, the Philippine parliament halted a government plan to provide free contraception, cutting a proposed 200 million peso (US $4.5 million) allocation to the Health Ministry's 2011 budget.

"The 200 million pesos allotted for the purchase of p...

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UNDP: People With HIV Suffer Stigma, Discrimination in the Philippines

About half of people living with HIV/AIDS in the Philippines have experienced human rights abuses, a UN Development Program official said during a forum in Manila marking World AIDS Day.

A 2009 baseline survey of people with HIV found that "people w...