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Boston Globe Profiles HIV-Positive Nigerian Woman to Be Awarded With Reebok Human Rights Award

The Boston Globe on Monday profiled Olayinka Enge, an HIV-positive Nigerian woman who will receive one of four 2004 Reebok Human Rights Awards for speaking out about her HIV-positive status, educating Nigerians about the disease and advocating for th...

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Christian Science Monitor Profiles Young African Leaders, Including Head of Botswana's National HIV Treatment Program

The Christian Science Monitor on Tuesday profiled a new generation of African leaders, including U.S.-born Ernest Darkoh, who is the head of Botswana's antiretroviral drug treatment program. Like many young African leaders, Darkoh, who was born to Gh...

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In Hiding -- an Ecuadorian Woman

Almost two years passed before I managed to save the money and return to Ecuador last September. I was trying to follow-up on Doña Carmen, an Ecuadorian woman who had been HIV-positive for 10 years with no symptoms. Her five-year-old daughter had d...

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South Africans Battling AIDS, a Song at a Time

For nine years, Nomusa Mpanza lived with a secret. In 1993, her newborn daughter was diagnosed with AIDS, and the South African woman realized that she herself was HIV-positive. Yet it was only after her daughter died of the disease this year that sh...

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A Letter From Africa: A First-Hand Account of How AIDS Has Affected the People of Botswana

Dear Jeff,

Some time back we were corresponding, and you asked me to submit an article for Survival News. Our lives have changed dramatically since then, with our roles expanding way beyond our expectations (not that we were looking for bigger and b...