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South Africa Sex Industry Did Not See World Cup Boom

South Africa's HIV/AIDS rate is among the world's highest, and when the nation hosted the June-to-July 2010 World Cup, experts feared a boom in commercial sex and further transmission of the virus. A new study, however, suggests this was not the case...

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Yams and Mosquito Nets on Nigeria's "Sesame Street"

Since its US debut 40 years ago, the children's educational TV program "Sesame Street" has spread to more than 140 nations. Next month, a version of the show, renamed "Sesame Square," and customized to speak to location-specific issues, will debut in...

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Accord Reached on Draft Declaration for MDG Summit

"World powers have reached an accord, after weeks of tough talks, on a document to be adopted at a Millennium Development summit this month for which [U.N.] Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is seeking billions of dollars of new funding," Agence France...

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Australia: Teachers Warned After Needle Scare

The disclosure that 18 students in a science class used the same needle for a blood test has prompted plans to warn all Tasmanian teachers about needle safety. The incident occurred on Aug. 9 at Dover District High School, and all students who took p...

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Ethiopian AIDS Orphans Fight Stigma With Self-Sufficiency

Ethiopian AIDS Orphans Fight Stigma With Self-Sufficiency In Ethiopia, 5.4 million children are considered to be orphaned or vulnerable, according to government estimates. Many of these young people, who represent 6 percent of the country's total pop...

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Republic of Congo: Mobile HIV Test Unit a Hit

A mobile HIV screening van purchased by the National Council Against AIDS has drawn crowds consistently since its December 2009 launch. A telethon helped raise $215,000 to purchase the van and outfit it with a sampling chair, refrigerator, laboratory...

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Kenya: Modernizing Traditional Circumcision Rites

During years that end in an even number, the month of August sees thousands of young men in Kenya's Western Province undergo circumcision as an important rite of passage to manhood.

Dr. Nicholas Muraguri, head of the National AIDS/STD Control Progra...

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U.K.: Young Most at Risk as Number of Sex Infection Cases Soars

Newly released figures from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) show a worrisome increase in STDs in the United Kingdom. Sexual health clinics in 2009 reported 482,700 new STD cases -- 12,000 more than in the previous year.

The data clearly show that...

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PEPFAR to Support Namibian Program That Fights Gender-Based Violence

The Namibian government and development partners will receive assistance from PEPFAR to "fight widespread gender-based violence (GBV) in the country," New Era/ writes. The two-year program will "address male norms and behavior and the in...

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Zimbabwe: Pregnant Teens Shun HIV Treatment for Fear of Stigmatization

Teenage girls in Zimbabwe who are sexually active remain a difficult group for health workers to target with HIV/AIDS prevention messages.

Despite the country's programs to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission, some young mothers are unwilling o...