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Critics Say Program Offering Money for Contraception to HIV-Positive Kenyan Women Is Illegal

IRIN/Plus News reports that "\t]he Kenyan government and rights groups have expressed outrage at [a project in western Kenya that is paying HIV-positive women to undergo long-term contraception." James Kamau of the Kenya Treatment Access Movement sa...

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Australia: Time to Rid Syphilis in Indigenous Groups

This is an opportune time to work to eliminate syphilis in indigenous communities, according to a new report by researchers from the Kirby Institute at the University of New South Wales. Their study of national data found that the number of syphilis ...

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Project Pays HIV-Positive Kenyan Women to Get IUD

The Nation examines how Project Prevention, a California-based organization that "made headlines for offering to pay [U.S.] women addicted to drugs $300 if they agreed to be sterilized, or ongoing payments as long as addicted women used long-term c...

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Albinos in Tanzania Murdered or Raped as AIDS "Cure"

Under the Same Sun (UTSS), a Canada-based rights group, is warning that albinos in Tanzania are being killed or raped due to the erroneous belief they offer an AIDS cure. Tanzania has some 1.4 million HIV/AIDS cases in its population of 40.7 million....

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Organization Supports Zimbabwean Women Affected by HIV/AIDS

University of Pennsylvania graduate student Jennifer Kyker leads an organization that provides comprehensive educational support to young Zimbabwean women affected by HIV/AIDS.

Kyker founded Tariro -- "hope," in the native Shona language -- in 2003....

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PEPFAR and Ukraine: A Partnership to Stop the Spread of HIV

Cross-posted from the State Department Blog.

I recently visited Ukraine for the first time in my role as U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator. I was pleased to have the opportunity to return to Ukraine, a country where I have spent considerable time working...

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Botswana HIV/AIDS Radio Drama Series Broadcasts 1,000th Episode

Wednesday marked the 1,000th broadcast of "Makgabaneng," an HIV/AIDS-themed radio soap opera written and produced in Botswana.

Now in its 10th year, the program offers listeners evolving and relatable storylines infused with HIV/AIDS prevention mess...

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Nyasa Times Examines Growing Worries Over Future HIV/AIDS Funding in Malawi

The Nyasa Times reports on the growing concerns in Malawi over the future funding for HIV/AIDS treatment, after the Global Fund to Treat AIDS, TB and Malaria rejected the country's proposal for additional funds last year. "Principal Secretary for HIV...

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Australia Clean-Needle Program Keeping HIV at Bay

The early, widespread use of needle and syringe programs (NSPs) in Australia has managed to keep down HIV prevalence among injection drug users, a new study suggests. To prevent an HIV epidemic among IDUs, Australia began setting up NSPs in 1986. In ...

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After Haiti HIV Slur, NYC's HOT 97 Makes Amends

Cipha Sounds, the DJ who inflamed the New York Haitian community after an on-air statement about Haitian women and HIV, is back on HOT 97 after a brief suspension.

"He lost family members to HIV," said Ebro Darden, vice president of programming for ...