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Antiretrovirals Shortages Hit Mozambique's HIV Treatment Program

This article was reported by Inter Press Service.

According to the Inter Press Service, the chronic shortage of antiretrovirals (ARVs) in Mozambique creates a life-threatening situation for the country's HIV-positive individuals. Approximately 454,0...

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AIDS Kills 200 Prisoners in Mozambican Jails in 2012 -- Report

The Mozambique, Africa, state-run daily newspaper "Noticias" reported on June 19 that approximately 208 inmates died of AIDS while incarcerated in the country's jails, based on information from Samo Goncalves, director of penal control in the Ministr...

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Mozambique Launches Brazil-Funded Drug Plant to Battle HIV

A pharmaceutical plant funded by Brazil opened Saturday in Mozambique, where more than 2.5 million people are living with HIV but only 300,000 are receiving antiretrovirals (ARVs). The factory initially will package drugs from Brazil but will begin p...

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Mozambique: Scant Progress With Pediatric HIV

UNICEF's "2009 State of the World's Children Report" finds more than 10 percent of Mozambican babies will die before their first birthday -- one of the world's highest infant mortality rates. The main cause of death is malaria, followed closely by HI...

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HIV Prevention Efforts in Five African Countries Not Reaching At-Risk Groups, Report Says

National HIV prevention strategies in at least five African countries are not reaching the groups most at risk of infection, according to a report from UNAIDS and the World Bank conducted in conjunction with the national HIV/AIDS authorities of Kenya...

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Mozambique Health Official Calls for Research Into Culture to Understand Spread of HIV

Mozambique's Deputy Health Minister, Aida Libombo, recently said that more research into the cultural habits of Mozambicans is needed to determine how these factors contribute to the spread of HIV, AIM/ reports. Speaking at the National ...

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High Number of HIV Infections in Mozambique Concerns UNICEF

UNICEF is concerned by a high number of HIV cases in Mozambique stemming from unsafe sex practices, Executive Director Ann Veneman said recently at the end of her three-day visit to the country, the South African Press Association reports.


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Civil Society Groups in Mozambique Pledge to Help Standardize National Strategies Against HIV/AIDS

Civil society organizations working to fight HIV/AIDS in Mozambique on Monday at the close of the first National Civil Society Conference on HIV/AIDS said they are committed to standardizing national strategies against the disease, AIM/ ...

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High HIV Rate Heightens Mozambique Poverty: UN Envoy

Today in Maputo, the UN's chief representative in the country said HIV/AIDS represents "one of the biggest challenges" to the growth of Mozambique's economy. Ndolamb Ngokwey's remarks came at the opening of the nation's first national HIV/AIDS confer...

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Mozambican Civil Society Groups to Launch HIV/AIDS Campaign Aimed at Disabled People

Mozambican civil society organizations this week will launch an HIV/AIDS campaign that aims to ensure improved access to HIV testing, medical assistance and treatment among disabled people in the country, AIM/ reports. According to World...