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Malaysia Eliminates Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV and Syphilis Img

Malaysia Eliminates Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV and Syphilis

Malaysia has been certified by the World Health Organization as having eliminated mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis, the first country in the Western Pacific Region to achieve this milestone.

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Malaysian Mosque Is Also a Methadone Clinic

In 2010, Malaysia's Ar-Rahman became the world's first mosque to house a methadone program, according to the World Health Organization.

With 170,000 injecting drug users, and drug injection the leading cause for HIV transmission, Malaysia's new HIV ...

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Malaysia Bans British Author's Sex Education Book

Malaysia’s Home Ministry warned Wednesday that people caught distributing Peter Mayle’s nearly 40-year-old sex education book Where Did I Come From? could be jailed for three years. Muslim activists complained last week that the British author's book...

My Early Years -- and Why I Am Sharing Them: A Blog Entry by Ellisya Img

My Early Years -- and Why I Am Sharing Them: A Blog Entry by Ellisya

Every person's tale is uniquely their own. Blogger and HIV/AIDS activist Ellisya recounts poignant memories from her childhood growing up in Malaysia. This raw story of survival follows her from grade school to young motherhood, before she learned th...

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Malaysia: Outcry as Boys Sent to Anti-Gay Boot Camp

Advocates in Malaysia are worried that anti-AIDS efforts could be hurt by the news that the Terengganu state education department has ordered 66 boys to an anti-gay boot camp. The youths, who were labeled effeminate by their teachers, are to spend a ...

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Malaysia to Give Sex Education to Primary School Pupils

In the past week, Malaysia has introduced plans to teach sex education to primary and secondary students. Just days after the government announced that secondary school pupils will receive the instruction beginning next year, Deputy Education Ministe...

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Malaysian City Mulls STD Screening for Foreign Masseuses

The Borneo city of Miri is considering requiring all foreign masseuses to undergo mandatory screening for STDs. The Star newspaper reported that the proposal was made following the revelation that several foreign women working in massage parlors had ...

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Men, Women Should Share Responsibility for HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment, Malaysian Official Says

Men and women should share equal responsibility for preventing HIV/AIDS and providing treatment to people living with the diseases, Ng Yen Yen -- Malaysian minister for women, family and community development -- said last week at the 53rd Session of ...

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United Nations Estimates 81,000 Malaysians May Be HIV Positive

Up to 81,000 Malaysians are estimated to have acquired HIV since the country's first case was detected in 1986, the New Straits Times quoted Dr. Nafis Sadik, UN special envoy for HIV/AIDS in Asia, as saying. With the epidemic's spread from high-risk ...