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Kenya: Modernizing Traditional Circumcision Rites

During years that end in an even number, the month of August sees thousands of young men in Kenya's Western Province undergo circumcision as an important rite of passage to manhood.

Dr. Nicholas Muraguri, head of the National AIDS/STD Control Progra...

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IRIN/PlusNews Examines Financial Costs Associated With HIV/AIDS Care in Kenya

IRIN/PlusNews examines common financial burdens HIV/AIDS patients in Kenya face. "The Kenyan government provides free antiretroviral treatment (ART) to more than 300,000 Kenyans and free diagnosis and treatment of TB, which has significantly lightene...

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Kenya Releases First HIV/AIDS Indicator Survey

The Daily Nation examines the results of Kenya's latest AIDS Indicator Survey, which was released Tuesday. The report, which is based on data from 2007, "is the first indicator survey and the second population-based HIV sero-survey in Kenya." It was ...

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Kenya: False Gay Marriage Rumor Sparks Kenyan Riots

Unfounded rumors of an impending marriage between two men have sparked waves of violence in the coastal city of Mtwapa. In addition to numerous assaults and arrests of suspected homosexuals, the rioting saw the sacking of a medical facility serving H...

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IRIN Examines Kenya's National Voluntary Male Circumcision Campaign

IRIN looks at a national voluntary male circumcision campaign in Kenya and the related "benefit" of sexually transmitted infection screening. "The circumcision programme provides voluntary counselling and testing for HIV and routine STI tests to all ...

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Rights Group Asks Kenyan Government to Protect Rights During Home HIV Tests

In response to Kenya's plans to test four million people for HIV in their homes, the advocacy organization Human Rights Watch, "sent the Kenyan government a letter asking that it ensure that all those tested -- particularly children and teenagers -- ...

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Drug Trafficking, Use Spreading HIV/AIDS in Kenya

Drug trafficking and use are fueling the spread of HIV/AIDS in Kenya, according to a recent report by the U.N. Security Council, the Nation reports. "A statement from the council's Presidency currently ... states that Afghan heroin was being imported...

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Kenya: Drug Use at Record Levels Leads to AIDS Outbreak

Unprecedented levels of drug use in Kenya are driving the spread of HIV there, experts say.

"The challenge here is passing HIV risk-reduction messages to drug and alcohol addicts as well as advising those who test positive to seek help in terms of c...

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Groups at Odds Over Disbursement of Global Fund Aid in Kenya

PlusNews/IRIN examines an ongoing disagreement between the Kenya Consortium to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria -- a group of nongovernmental organizations -- and CARE International about the speed at which CARE is disbursing its funds from the G...

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