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Trump Policy Harming Kenya, Uganda Health Services

Early effects of U.S. restrictions to global health aid include cuts to essential health services in Kenya and Uganda, resulting in a loss of training and equipment and widespread confusion about implementation.

By Human Rights Watch

Florence Anam's Mission: Giving Young People a Reason to Live

A gaggle of girls shuffle into Florence Anam's office for their monthly mentoring chat. A few describe their carefree childhoods and their world crumbling when they found out they were living with HIV.


Victoria Beckham and Son Brooklyn on HIV Awareness Raising Mission to Kenya

Witnessing first-hand the successes and challenges of Kenya's AIDS response, Victoria and Brooklyn Beckham call for greater commitment, action and funding to end the AIDS epidemic.


Kenyan Advocates Speak Out on HIV, Human Rights and Treatment Access for Gay Men, Other MSM

Advocates who traveled to ICASO, an African HIV conference, reported that attendees were mistreated at the airport. Maureen Milango asked Kenyans about their work and how they empower MSM to speak up about HIV.

By Maureen Milanga

Let Us Learn to Have Difficult Conversations About Sex

What are the difficulties aroung getting to zero in Kenya? A guest writer talks about addressing HIV in his home country.

By Matong

Kenyan Sex Workers Using Post-Exposure Prophylaxis to Lower Risk of HIV Infection, BBC Reports

BBC News Magazine reports on how sex workers in Kenya are using post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) antiretroviral therapy to lower their risk of HIV infection, instead of using condoms, which they say are too expensive. "There are no definitive figures ...

By Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Kenya: Durex Sponsors Sex Health Awareness Party

Last week, Durex Condoms sponsored the Durex Easy Connect Party at the Galileo Lounge in Nairobi, Kenya, as a part of their mission to encourage young people around the world to be more responsible regarding their sexual activities. Many prominent Na...

By CDC National Prevention Information Network

Day One With HIV: "The Most Agonizing Wait in My Life"

Matong was 36. He had just lost his wife and their newborn child to AIDS-defining illnesses -- but HIV was the furthest thing from his mind as a potential culprit.

By Matong

Kenyan AIDS Activists Protest Over Unspent PEPFAR Funds

"More than 400 Kenyan AIDS activists have demonstrated in the capital, Nairobi, demanding that the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief release some $500 million for HIV programs in Kenya that is stuck in the pipeline," PlusNews reports....

By Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Kenya: Instant Infant HIV Diagnosis to Be Rolled Out in Rural Areas

Last year, students at Kenya's Strathmore University began software development on a database system to help speed up the delivery of HIV test results for infants in remote areas. Diagnosis within six weeks of birth ensures the timely initiation of a...

By CDC National Prevention Information Network