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Analysis: How Is Russia's HIV-Specific Law Being Used to Prosecute Women Living With HIV?

"Russia's Article 122 was introduced into the Criminal Code, in particular, to protect women from HIV infection, but it is clear from our research that the law has been applied against women in Russia," Evgenia Maron writes.

By Evgenia Maron for HIV Justice Network

Reaching Out to "Outcasts" in Ukraine's Prisons: A Photo Essay

When you're a gay-identified or HIV-positive inmate, support is crucial to your existence. Here's the story of one support initative in a Ukraine prison.

By amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research

South African Province to Circumcise Prisoners in Hopes of Halting HIV Spread

KwaZulu-Natal province is offering circumcision to men in its prisons as part of South Africa's campaign to halt HIV transmission. KwaZulu-Natal's health department hopes to circumcise 2.5 million men overall by June 2014, and so far, more than 10,00...

By CDC National Prevention Information Network