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Gilead Offers Egypt New Hepatitis C Drug at 99 Percent Discount

This article was reported by Reuters.

Reuters reported that the pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences has agreed to sell its new hepatitis C virus (HCV) drug Sovaldi to the Egyptian government for $300 for a one-month supply. The total cost for the...

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Egypt Has One of the Lowest HIV Rates: Health and Population Ministry

According to Dr. Ihab Ahmed Abdel Rahman, manager of the National AIDS Programme at the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population, the country has one of the lowest global rates of HIV infection, with only 2 cases for every 10,000 citizens ages 15–4...

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Mubarak's AIDS Legacy: Torture, Deportation and Arrest for HIV-Positive People

In Egypt, the victims of Hosni Mubarak's 30-year autocratic rule haven't just been government dissenters -- they've also been people living with HIV.

While receiving a hefty amount of U.S. foreign aid, Egypt has conducted mass deportations of HIV-po...

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HIV Risk Factors, Misconceptions Could Lead to "Rapid Spread" of Virus in Egypt, Daily News Reports

Although Egypt has a low HIV prevalence at 0.02%, numerous risk factors and misconceptions about the virus could lead to a "rapid spread" of the disease, Egypt's Daily News reports.

According to the News, factors such as overpopulation among people ...

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What Is It Like to Be HIV Positive in Egypt?

The XVII International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2008) is a magnet that attracts thousands upon thousands of HIV-positive people, activists and community leaders from all walks of life and all parts of the globe. We were fortunate enough to meet a few of...

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Egyptian Court Sends Five Men to Prison for Homosexual Acts in Case Condemned by Rights Groups

In Egypt on Wednesday, five men were convicted on charges of homosexual behavior and sentenced to three years in prison in what dozens of human rights groups say is a crackdown on people with HIV/AIDS. Four of the five men tested HIV-positive after a...

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Egyptian Leaders Pay Little Attention to HIV/AIDS, Article Says

Leaders in Egypt -- where HIV prevalence is less than 0.1% -- have not made tackling the disease a priority, and "Egyptians are barely aware that HIV/AIDS exists in their society," IRIN News/ reports. UNAIDS estimates that 13,000 people ...

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Egypt Launches Five-Year National Campaign Against HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C Among Children

On Thursday, Coca-Cola (North and West Africa) and UNICEF joined Egypt's Ministry of Health and Population to launch a five-year campaign against HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C virus (HCV) among children.

Raising awareness about how HIV is transmitted rem...

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Arab Religious Leaders in Egypt to Combat HIV/AIDS

More than 300 religious leaders from 20 Arab countries are in Cairo today for a three-day conference to discuss HIV/AIDS and fight the region's epidemic. Taboos surrounding the STD have hampered prevention efforts, participants heard.

"It's time to ...

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Egypt: Needle Sharing by Drug Users a Dangerous Sign

Dr. Ehab El Kharrat, who has treated Cairo drug users for 16 years, did not know that many of his clients were sharing needles until he recently began discussing HIV awareness with them. Syringes and needles are cheap and available without a prescrip...