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The Canadian Positive People Network Wants You! Img

The Canadian Positive People Network Wants You!

Formed in the summer of 2015, and steadily gaining members since, the Canadian Positive People Network (CPPN) aims to respond to the changing needs of diverse communities of people with HIV.

Filling the Void: Canada's National Voice for People Living With HIV Takes Flight Img

Filling the Void: Canada's National Voice for People Living With HIV Takes Flight

A new organization by and for Canadian people living with HIV has fiven them a strong voice on the national stage. PositiveLite's Bob Leahy reports.

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Canada: New Sexual Health Clinic Opens in Carleton Place February 6

This article was reported by Inside Ottawa Valley.

Inside Ottawa Valley recently reported on a new sexual health clinic in Carleton Place, Ottawa, that will offer STD testing with free treatment, pregnancy testing, and birth control, including condo...

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Canada: HIV North Launches New Social Media Campaign

This article was reported by the Daily Herald-Tribune (Grande Prairie, Alberta).

The Daily Herald-Tribune reported on the recent launch of a new social media sex education campaign directed at individuals located at work sites in the province of Alb...

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HIV Peer Support Programs Across Canada

After an HIV diagnosis, the words of someone who has been there, done that are often the ones that help the most. It is with this in mind that we highlight peer-to-peer programs across the country.

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From the Front Lines: Adherence Support in Canada

Sticking to your HIV medication schedule -- a.k.a. adherence -- is crucial to fight the virus and prevent drug resistance. But "take as directed" isn't always as straightforward as it sounds. Side effects, drug interactions, depression, an irregular ...

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A Night of Glitter and Light: Farewell to Fashion Cares

"Jeanne Beker! Jeanne Beker! I love you and want a picture with you!," I shouted as I made my way through the crowd like a paparazzo. This photo captures one moment of this year's Fashion Cares that made it an evening to remember.

I went to my first...

AIDS-Free Generation? The View From Canada Img

AIDS-Free Generation? The View From Canada

Recent advancements in our understanding of HIV transmission, treatment, prevention and testing are changing the landscape of our response to HIV and generating a significant amount of optimism. The buzz at the International AIDS Conference this past...

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Views From the Front Lines: STOP HIV/AIDS

We asked three people to share their views on British Columbia's innovative STOP HIV/AIDS Project:

Chris Buchner -- Regional Director of Prevention, Vancouver Coastal Health Sam Milligan -- HIV Nurse, Central Interior Native Health Society, Prince...

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The STOP HIV/AIDS Project: Treatment as Prevention in the Real World

British Columbia's STOP HIV/AIDS pilot project has sparked media interest and dialogue in Canada and internationally.1-4 It represents a new approach to HIV prevention and treatment. But what is the STOP HIV/AIDS project? What are some of its strengt...