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Australia: Sex and the Septuagenarian

New research indicates the degree to which older Australians are sexually active and their potential risk for STDs.

Professor Victor Minichiello, who heads the school of health at the University of New England in Armidale, New South Wales, took part...

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Australia Boosts Funding to Combat AIDS

Prime Minister John Howard announced that Australia would spend $12.5 million (US$8.2 million) over five years to help combat HIV/AIDS in the Pacific region. Speaking at the Pacific Island Forum in Auckland, he said HIV/AIDS was a significant problem...

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Australia: AIDS Pioneer Regrets "Grim Reaper" Demonization of Gay Men

Australia's 1980s "Grim Reaper" advertising campaign was pivotal in changing heterosexual behavior but had the regrettable consequence of demonizing gay men, according to the country's leading AIDS pioneer.

Dr. Ron Penny, who diagnosed Australia's f...

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Pacific Churches Switch From AIDS Condemnation to Support

Pacific Christian churches that used to regard AIDS as a punishment from God are now switching from condemnation to support. "This is critical because, in the Pacific, the first people we go to when we need assistance and guidance are the priests," J...

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Australia: Safe Sex Tip Ignored

HIV/AIDS cases in Victoria have risen by 56 percent in the past two years. Health Minister John Thwaites said on July 31 that he feared the community was suffering from safe sex fatigue and people were enjoying a false sense of security. Victorian he...

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Australia: Aborigines Leading in Risk of HIV

Aborigines in Perth are four times more likely than average to contract HIV -- and the infection rate rises to 12 times the average for those living in remote rural communities. This trend is mirrored in aboriginal communities worldwide. In Canada, a...

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Condom-in-Tree Program Reducing Sexual Disease Among Australian Aborigines

Wanting to encourage safe sex within isolated Aboriginal communities, Australian health officials have come up with a novel idea: hanging condoms in trees. An indigenous health service said Thursday that the initiative had reduced STDs among Aborigin...

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Fourth International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific

Like Africa, Asia and the Pacific have a regional AIDS meeting every two years. The Fourth International Congress on AIDS and Asia in the Pacific (ICAAP) was held in Manila on October 25-29, 1997, in conjunction with the Second Philippine National Co...