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Australia Clean-Needle Program Keeping HIV at Bay

The early, widespread use of needle and syringe programs (NSPs) in Australia has managed to keep down HIV prevalence among injection drug users, a new study suggests. To prevent an HIV epidemic among IDUs, Australia began setting up NSPs in 1986. In ...

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Australia: Teachers Warned After Needle Scare

The disclosure that 18 students in a science class used the same needle for a blood test has prompted plans to warn all Tasmanian teachers about needle safety. The incident occurred on Aug. 9 at Dover District High School, and all students who took p...

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Australia: UN Official Backs Kings Cross Injecting Room

The executive director of UNAIDS said he is "very impressed" with a medically supervised injection facility operating in Kings Cross. Calling it a "pragmatic, cost-effective" approach to preventing HIV, Michel Sidibe declined to comment on the entang...

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Australia: Chlamydia Increase May Hint at HIV Rise

A recent doubling of chlamydia in Australia portends a spike in HIV cases, health officials have warned.

"The concern is that if we see a condition like chlamydia on the rise, that indicates that there's a lot of unsafe sexual practices occurring an...

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Tuvalu: Fears of HIV Epidemic

The regional chief of UNICEF warned recently that the South Pacific island nation of Tuvalu soon could be facing an HIV epidemic. "Tuvalu is on the verge of a general epidemic among its population," Dr. Will Parks told Radio New Zealand. "The Pacific...

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Sex Workers Can Be Screened Too Often: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Victoria, Australia

Licensing requirements in Victoria, Australia, call for commercial sex workers to undergo regular STD testing. However, the incidence and prevalence of STDs among licensed sex workers are very low because condom use at work is almost universal. The s...

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Australia: HIV/AIDS Data Prompt New Warning on Safe Sex

State Health Officer Dr. Jeannette Young said Queensland logged a record-high number of HIV/AIDS cases in 2009. New data show 178 people were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS last year, up from 166 cases in 2008. That represents a rate of 4.1 per 100,000 peop...

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Australia: Warning Over the Dangers of Body Piercing

Over the warmer months in Australia, doctors anticipate the usual seasonal spike in piercing-related infections, and now they are offering advice on how to avoid them.

Less-than-sterile conditions can lead to the spread of disease, warned Dr. Steve ...

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Australia: Three HIV Carriers Held on Risk Fear

Department of Health figures show three HIV-positive people have been detained in Victoria in the past two years for repeatedly failing to change behaviors that put others at risk of infection. One person was detained from January to September 2009, ...

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Australia: Young People Need Better Safe-Sex Education, Says Expert

Young Australians did not experience the hard-edged "grim-reaper" AIDS television campaign of more than two decades ago, and they do not connect their own behaviors to infection risk, an AIDS expert said on World AIDS Day.

Last year, there were 995 ...