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Health Experts Seek to Prevent Spread of HIV in Angola After Civil War

Health officials are taking advantage of the "window of opportunity" to control the spread of HIV in Angola since the civil war ended in 2002, Reuters reports. Official 2004 statistics put HIV prevalence at 2.8%, lower than other countries in the reg...

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Rise in Angola's HIV/AIDS Prevalence "Worrying," Health Minister Says

Angola -- which has the lowest HIV prevalence of any Southern African nation -- recently has recorded a "sharp rise" in the number of HIV-positive people living in the country, Angolan Health Minister Albertina Hamukwaya told the Portuguese state tel...

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Tuberculosis Has Already Killed 106, HIV 12 This Year in Angolan Capital

Manuel da Cruz, administrative director of Luanda sanitarium hospital, said that at least 106 people died of TB at the facility in this year's first quarter, the Angop news agency reported. From January to March, 127 people died of other contagious d...

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Angolan HIV Cases Surge to 1 Million, Officials Say

Angolan Health Minister Albertina Hamukwaya said Wednesday that Angola has at least 1 million HIV cases, and the virus could spread quickly among its 13 million people unless preventative measures improve. Hamukwaya told a news conference that the na...

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High Rate of HIV Found Among Pregnant Women in Luanda, Angola: Official

Some 8.6 percent of pregnant women in Luanda carry HIV, according to a study of 500 women in the Angolan capital, UNAIDS expert Alberto Stella told a medical conference recently. Marcela Silva, from Angola's National Program to Fight AIDS, presented ...