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Pressure Mounts on Truvada PrEP Pricing With Lawsuit and Congressional Hearings

"This isn't about you," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) told Gilead CEO Daniel O'Day. "We have legislated a system that allows [this] to happen."

By Tim Murphy

Will Recent Gilead Patent Concessions on Truvada Lower PrEP Prices?

Activists say this relatively small giveaway won't advance PrEP access or help end HIV in the U.S. the way a true price reduction would.

By Tim Murphy

Sticker Shock: PrEP Is Not Cost-Effective at Current Price, Health Economists Find

But a survey reveals that about a third of black and Latino gay men would be willing to pay more than $50 per month for a prescription.

By Sony Salzman

PrEP Pricing Is the Elephant in the Room at the CDC National HIV Prevention Conference

In a debate during a plenary session, Michael Saag, M.D., argued for more activism to make PrEP accessible to people who need it.

By Sony Salzman

AIDS 2018: The Good and the Bad

"At this year's International AIDS Conference ... we witnessed several pivotal developments in the global HIV response," Sean Hosein writes. "We also saw some setbacks in our efforts to prevent infections and improve the lives of people living with H...

By Sean R. Hosein for Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

With Global Trials Expanding, More HIV Vaccines Are Put to the Test

An HIV vaccine has remained elusive. But a set of new strategies in trials around the world may finally turn that around. Rod McCullom reports.

By Rod McCullom

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day: Be the Generation

On May 18, the annual observance of HIV Vaccine Awareness Day will draw public attention to the pursuit and promise of safe and effective HIV vaccines....

By U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

PrEP Pricing Problems

"A number of barriers to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) uptake, use, and adherence have been identified -- cost shouldn't be one of them," write James Krellenstein and Jeremiah Johnson.

By James Krellenstein and Jeremiah Johnson for Treatment Action Group

An HIV Cure and Vaccine Within the Next 15 Years?

The hope for a cure is at an all time high, but the science is still fragile.

By Richard Jefferys for Treatment Action Group

Immunity Project Working to Develop HIV Vaccine

A unique partnership seeks to develop a free HIV vaccine that would "turn everyone into an elite controller by training the immune system to attack the right targets," Positively Aware reports.

By Positively Aware