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The Orlando Massacre Revealed Hyper-Homophobia and HIV Stigma Outweighing Need for Blood Donors

"In Orlando, the 'donor deferral' policy showed its ugly face, putting dozens of people at possible risk as their closest friends, family and members of the community had to be turned away due to their sexuality," George Johnson writes.

By George M. Johnson

New Global Campaign Calling for Equal Access to Health Care for LGBTI People

According to the International HIV/AIDS Alliance's Global Campaign Coordinator Karen Johnson: "Decades of hard-won progress in the fight against AIDS could unravel unless governments commit quickly to including LGBTI people in the new development goa...

By International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Houston, We Have an HIV PR Problem: A Blog Entry by Dave R.

"There's a strong case for a whole new approach to HIV education, based on the latest scientific evidence and starting again from square one: back to basics teaching about HIV, with moralizing taken out of the equation."

By Dave R.

Homophobia and HIV Risk: What's Family Got to Do With It?

It's a familiar and haunting refrain: People who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer are systematically rejected by their families. And if we're to talk seriously about reducing HIV risk among our LGBT brothers and sisters, we ha...

By Olivia G. Ford

With Friends Like These: Dr. Monica Sweeney's Gift to the Religious Right -- A Blog Entry by fogcityjohn

The conversation about "It's Never Just HIV" -- the controversial HIV awareness campaign launched by the New York City health department -- is far from over, blogger Fogtcityjohn writes. In the latest development, a right-wing conservative politician...

By fogcityjohn

Speak Out for Safer Sex

Young people from New Alternatives (a program for homeless LGBT youth) were asked to describe some of the challenges they face in staying HIV negative.

Courtney, 20

In my generation, AIDS has become genocide that is equivalent to any war. I had a s...


Stigma as Prevention: The Homophobia Behind a PSA -- A Blog Entry by fogcityjohn

Adding his thoughts to the mountain of criticism against New York City's "It's Never Just HIV" ad campaign, blogger fogcityjohn writes, "The message seems to be that, even if you're young and beautiful, it absolutely sucks to be gay." In this blog en...

By fogcityjohn

What Is Happening to Our Children?

Billy was from Greenburg Indiana, Seth lived in Tehachapi California, Tyler just started school at Rutgers in New Jersey, Raymond was in school in Providence Rhode Island and Asher lived with his parents in Houston Texas. I didn't know them, but I kn...

By National Minority AIDS Council

GMHC Announces Anti-Homophobia Campaign, "I Love My Boo," to Be in NYC

New York, N.Y. -- In conjunction to the 3rd annual National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (9/27), GMHC announces its innovative campaign "I Love My Boo" campaign will be in 1,000 NYC subway cars and 150 subway platforms during the month of October...

By Gay Men's Health Crisis