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Comments on the CDC's Draft Guidelines for HIV Case Surveillance, Including Monitoring HIV Infection & AIDS

I. Introduction

Resolution of the debate about whether to require the reporting of the names of those who test positive for HIV must turn on the actual usefulness of this information to provide a comprehensive picture of the HIV epidemic, which in t...

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The Virus in the Balance: Public Health and the Individual

One role of government -- be it federal, state, or city -- is to ensure that the community does not unreasonably suffer an adverse impact from the choices made by individuals. And so it is appropriate that government sometimes step in to act in the b...

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"Confidential" (Ms) Information

My mind wanders back in time. Eight years ago, I received a letter from the Red Cross; "You need to contact our office and make an appointment. The blood you donated revealed something that could have a significant impact on your health."

Fear and c...

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Teleconference on Mandatory Reporting and Partner Notification

Catherine HanssensDennis LevyDerek Link

One of the heated debates currently raging in the HIV community concerns the need for establishing a system of tracking HIV infection. The existing surveillance system, designed in 1983, counts only those peop...

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Mandatory HIV Case Reporting

In the debate about "names reporting" -- whether the government should collect the names of all who test positive for HIV -- public officials should take care to understand some realities about testing and about many communities' experiences with gov...

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AIDS Project Director's Update: Inventing "AIDS Exceptionalism"

Today's public health fundamentalists charge that "AIDS exceptionalism" coddles people with HIV while threatening overall public health. These critics insist that sound public health policy dictates using mandatory testing and names reporting to stem...

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The Histrionic Push for Mandatory Perinatal HIV Testing

Research overwhelmingly shows that voluntary HIV testing programs are working for pregnant women and that maternal-fetal transmission rates are dropping. The threat of mandatory testing in other populations meanwhile has been shown to drive people aw...

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Lambda Fights Illegal, Widespread Practice: Mandatory HIV Testing and Disclosure

A Chicago man learns he will not be considered for a teaching job after complying with unlawful pre-employment questions that require him to reveal he has HIV. Another Chicago resident refuses to take a medically unnecessary HIV test, and his surgeon...