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Obama's PEPFAR Funding Level, "Unwise," but "Understandable" Choice

"Though President Obama's trip to Africa \last week] focused on the Muslim world, by looking South from Egypt across the Sahara to the rest of the continent he could have seen the dramatic impact" of former President George W. Bush's HIV/AIDS polici...

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Obama's $63 Billion Global Health Initiative "Will Sustain" PEPFAR, Editorial Says

"President Obama's push to reenergize the fight against the AIDS epidemic in the United States led to concern that he was going to allow U.S. global leadership in fighting the disease to languish," a Washington Post editorial says, adding, "Those fea...

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New Jersey Should Continue Efforts to Provide No-Cost HIV Testing, Editorial Says

No-cost HIV testing "should continue to be available and easily accessible" in Bergen County, New Jersey, a editorial says, adding, "Anyone who is worried about whether he or she has been infected with [HIV] should be able to learn ...

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The Epidemic at Home: A Conspiracy of Neglect

As the hot days of July slid into the dog days of August, two major HIV stories emerged in the U.S. On July 30, President Bush signed a bill reauthorizing PEPFAR, the global AIDS program that may be his most positive legacy. Two days later, the Cente...

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Decades of Unique LGBT Health Care May Face Challenges as Funding Shifts

Seven Centers at a Glance >>Comparisons of:Callen-LordeL.A. Gay & Lesbian CenterHoward BrownMontroseChase-BrextonFenwayWhitman Walker

Picture the early 1970s: In America, the sexual revolution had begun. The nation's soul-searching on acco...

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The Politics of Homophobia and Hatred

By the time you read these words, you will already know for sure what I, in mid-October, can only predict with confidence: that the referendum to amend the Georgia state constitution to define marriage as the legal union of one man and one woman no...

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AIDS, Marriage and Jumping the Broom

In July, the U.S. Senate failed to gain the support of the 51 senators it needed to proceed with amending the U.S. constitution to ban gay marriage. The slight majority in favor of the amendment, 50-48, was one vote short of the number needed to ta...

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Regarding the Death of Former President Ronald Reagan: A Letter to My Best Friend, Steven Powsner

Dear Steven,

I so much wish you were here today to tell me what to do. You would know if it's right to comment on the death of former President Reagan, or if I should just let pass the endless paeans to his greatness. But you're not here. The polici...

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Warning: Your Medical Privacy Is at Risk

In Washington, D.C., a man leaving the hospital after treatment for an AIDS-related illness, stops to chat with the receptionist who happens to work a second job at the same place where the man himself is employed. The receptionist gets access to the...

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Comments on the Department of Health's Revised, Proposed Regulations Implementing the 1998 HIV Reporting and Partner Notification Law

January 14, 2000

Commissioner Antonia C. Novello, M.D., M.P.H. c/o Mr. William R. Johnson New York State Department of Health Office of Regulatory Reform Room 2415 ESP Tower Building Albany, New York 12237-7488

By Facsimile and E-Mail

Dear Commiss...