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Joe Biden superimposed over Capitol building

Can Joe Biden End the HIV Epidemic?

Joe Biden is a friend to the HIV community. But ending the epidemic might be out of reach for a Biden administration, despite his personal pledge to pursue it.

John Delaney superimposed over Capitol building

Can John Delaney End the HIV Epidemic?

John Delaney is most famous at this point for getting dunked on by Elizabeth Warren in a near-campaign-ending jab on health care. So, can this guy actually do anything positive for America’s HIV epidemic?

Capitol Hill

Advocates Navigate Tricky Political Terrain for Federal HIV Funding to End the U.S. Epidemic

An alliance of advocacy groups called The Partnership rallies Congress for funding while rejecting most Trump administration policies impacting the HIV community.

Religious Conservatives' Ties to Trump Officials Pay Off in AIDS Policies, Funding Img

Religious Conservatives' Ties to Trump Officials Pay Off in AIDS Policies, Funding

The U.S. is experiencing a resurgence of conservative religious influence over health care issues that goes well beyond abstinence-only education.

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AIDS Healthcare Foundation Presses Obama Administration on PEPFAR Funding

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), "\t]he largest global AIDS organization[,] accused the Obama administration and Congress on Friday of falling short on promised funding and oversight in the worldwide fight against the epidemic," The Hill's "[...

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Obama's PEPFAR Funding Level, "Unwise," but "Understandable" Choice

"Though President Obama's trip to Africa \last week] focused on the Muslim world, by looking South from Egypt across the Sahara to the rest of the continent he could have seen the dramatic impact" of former President George W. Bush's HIV/AIDS polici...

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Obama's $63 Billion Global Health Initiative "Will Sustain" PEPFAR, Editorial Says

"President Obama's push to reenergize the fight against the AIDS epidemic in the United States led to concern that he was going to allow U.S. global leadership in fighting the disease to languish," a Washington Post editorial says, adding, "Those fea...

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Bush Faces Criticism for Domestic HIV/AIDS Policy; Lauded for Efforts to Fight Disease in Africa

Although President Bush has been "applauded" by some HIV/AIDS advocates for his efforts to fight the epidemic in Africa, he is also facing criticism for his domestic AIDS policies, the Houston Chronicle reports (Roth, Houston Chronicle, 8/3). Bush in...

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AIDS Initiative Praised, but Worry Persists

AIDS advocates praised President Bush's request Tuesday that Congress pass a $15 billion global AIDS initiative, but they expressed concern that in the United States -- especially in the South -- the disease is being ignored. "The global catastrophe ...